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Assignment : Spotlight On Social Timing




There are lots of times touted as ‘the best time to post’ (see below) on social media, but often your followers will have their own patterns and someone else’s quiet time will be your peak hour. Use the info and printable below to assess what’s working and when it’s working. Not only will taking the time to assess this kind of detail teach you things about your followers – it’ll also help you to craft future social content more successfully.



Busiest Days
Thursdays and Fridays are the busiest days on Facebook – engagement is 18% higher – as the work week nears its end people are sneaking peeks at social media more often. Anecdotally, mums and dads tend to also be active after 7.30pm and that’s the best time to catch them as they scroll through social while they watch telly.

Time of (Any) Day
1pm is the best time for shares
3pm is the best time for clicks


Different days/times of day attract different users..

Business to business type accounts – weekdays are the busiest/best times to post
Personal/blogger/consumers however are more active on weekends on Twitter

5pm is the best time to retweet or attract retweets with your update across the board.
Commuting times are high activity times for the average Twitter user – so between 7 and 9am and between 5 and 6pm.
12 – 6pm is the best time of day to catch most Twitter users BUT again it depends on your target audience  – mums and dads tend to be active after 7.30pm and that’s the best time to catch them.


Saturdays are Pinterest’s peak day for all users.
The best time to pin is between 8pm and 11pm.


Monday is the best day to post.
Before 9am and after 5pm are the best times – but lunchtime is good too!
Instagram users are online when they are not working.

A few things to remember about social:

+ Make sure your posts encourage your followers to FEEL something OR
+ Make sure your posts inform your followers of things they might not know/things they might find relevant
+ Use Facebook page insights to see what’s TRULY working (and when it was posted)
+ Use Facebook page insights to WATCH other pages – scroll down a bit under insights – and see what’s working for them
+ Engagement is important! Make sure you monitor and reply to your followers
+ Activity is important! Be active on other profiles and pages

post timing notes

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