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Assignment: Make A Mini Podcast


Here’s a class assignment for you. It might seem cute/dorky, but it’s actually a really easy way to make a podcast! You most certainly don’t  have to do this, but it’s a good way to learn how to record and share a podcast with you readers! (You could also use this method to record stories for children to listen to or messages for family members. Useful, no?!)


You need a computer with an inbuilt microphone (or external mic) BUT you can also try the Soundcloud App and record your podcast on your phone (except the app is quite glitchy, so it may/may not work on your phone. It didn’t work on mine!)

The good thing about the app is that (if it works) you can just open the Soundcloud app and talk into your phone to record a podcast! Winning! But like I said, it’s a bit glitchy. See if it works for you.

Let’s do this together!

Go to
Create an account
Click > start new recording (a new window will open)
Click > REC
Start talking (and recording!)
Then click STOP
Fill in the details on the next screen as prompted
Click SAVE!

Your recording will upload and be ready to share in a trice.

To find it, click into your profile (see below)
To share it, click the share icon (see below) : you can share via social media, via a link or via some CODE if you want to share via a widget like I did above.


pips soundcloud profile

pips soundcloud profile again


Show us your work?

If you upload a podcast, grab the LINK via the SHARE icon and post it in the comments below (or in Facebook)
If you are shy, but want to try this, email me the link and I’ll listen to it for you (without sharing it with anyone else!)


NB: Make sure you don’t click the SHARE TO FACEBOOK button when you upload your podcast.

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