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Assignment: Expressive Writing Assignment


Here’s a great way to write blog post, based on a little bit of unexpected inspiration…

1. Go for a walk and find a nice spot to sit.
2. Take out a notebook and pen.
3. Write down snippets of overheard conversation.
4. Go home.
5. Sit in front of your computer.
6. Choose a snippet of conversation and use it as the beginning of your blog post.
7. Write on, from that snippet. Perhaps it’s a story relating to the person that you overhead, perhaps that snippet relates to a story in your own life?
8. Write your little heart out.
9. Edit and tighten your piece, checking for errors.
10. Write an intro to explain how the piece was sparked and crafted.
11. Hit publish!


Share a link to your post here, if you do this!


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