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Assignment: Create A Mood Board For Your Blog

Here’s a little project for you. Let’s dig a bit deeper into what inspires you visually. Let’s create a mood board JUST for your blog. If you have a Pinterest account, that’s KIND of like a mood board, but nothing beats a bit of actual cut and paste. It’s more tangible and doesn’t have that ‘passive’ quality that Pinterest often does. So…..let’s get cutting and pasting! *cheers*


. Grab a pile of magazines, newspapers, catalogues, papers, whatever you have (or go collecting, beg or borrow specifically for this task!)  You’ll also need scissors and glue.

. Now, look through the things you have on hand, looking for colours, people, words, patterns, places and things that inspire you. What makes you tick, visually?

. Keep your own personal mission and your reader mission in mind as you do this, but also go a little bit wild… see what makes sense for you, what fits together.

. You can use a pinboard for your mood board or a large sheet of paper (or just span a couple of pages in a journal, if you are pushed for funds/time!)

. Remember, this will be a reference point for your blog’s overall look and feel. Add practical, beautiful, aspirational elements. You can choose little details or larger images. Go as BIG or as small as you like. Pay attention to phrases, quotes and paragraphs that pique your interest and fit your philosophy.

. Spot themes for posts you can work on down the track. Notice how the different elements you are choosing relate to each other. Look for those patterns and relationships and make any notes that come to mind. You can pin those too!

This is an ongoing project, to help spark ideas and provide a visual focus for your blogging, but you could also create mini-mood boards for individual blog posts.

You know, when bloggers use an image collage within their post (like this) it’s actually a mini mood board. So rather than thinking of those kinds of images as a collage-type task to wrangle in PhotoShop or PicMonkey, you can think of them as a mini-moodboard (and even cut and paste them together manually, cut-and-paste-analog style – then photograph that REAL LIFE collage and upload to your blog!)

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