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Ask A Grown Writer: Veggie Mama

January 18, 2015


Stacey from Veggie Mama is the complete (yet humble) package. Not only is she super intelligent (in another life she taught journalism to university students), she’s super funny and a downright lovely person.  Luckily she’s sharing some of her online writing tips with us today. PHEW. Thanks Stace!

Here’s what Stacey said when I asked her for 3 tips for better online writing:

1. Vary your sentence length – readers consume the internet so differently to other written media, and your work is more likely to get read in its entirety if you have lots of white space, plenty of breaks in between your writing, and short, sharp sentences in amongst the longer ones. Anything that catches a scanning eye is good.

2. Be conversational (if that suits the tone of your writing). There is a time and a place for formalities, yes, but the online world is filled with funnies, slang, and casual vernacular. Let loose a little, bro it up a bit! Make it easy to absorb.

3. You still need to edit – editing is almost as important as the writing itself. Don’t be afraid to cut your waffle, and then cut some more. Then go ahead and cut that last little bit too. You want it mean and clean, your commas in the right spots, no rogue apostrophes, and your spelling tip-top. While you’re at it, cut just that little bit more 😉

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