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Ask A Grown Writer: Rebel Without A Pause

January 12, 2015

rebel wylie


I’m so excited that we get to hear from one of my favourite funny ladies (and Kidspot compadre) Rebel Wylie! Rebel has a brand new blog here, but you can find her work dotted all over the Kidspot site too. She’s got a way with words and she’s sharing her tips for writing online with us today (because she’s a good egg like that!)

Here’s Rebel’s recommendations, written just for us!

Have a chat
When I first got into this writing game, I would trip myself up in knots by overthinking who I was speaking to. I found that I was trying to be a voice that would appeal to everyone – going back and changing my tone, removing certain words, etc. Yeah, that didn’t work.
I really got comfortable when I imagined myself having a conversation. Don’t tell her, but whenever I write I like to imagine that I am talking to one certain friend. She’s a great listener – she may be a great talker too, but I wouldn’t know since her listening skills are so rad that I can never shut-up around her.
So, when I write, I imagine that I am talking to her. It helps me keep focus on what I am trying to say, rather than how I am trying to say it. I find this helps me to be a bit more true to myself … and it means I can throw in the odd (OK, many) swear words.
Speaking of authentic …
Be it!  Probably obvious – just be you. That way you’ll get the right kind of people digging on your stuff. What I’ve found that if you build up a community of people that dig your vibe – you’ll probably dig theirs too … and if some pesky little troll comes along trying to sprinkle their negativity  – you have yourself an army of like-minded folk at the ready.
Plus – confidence is sexy, right? Be confident in the things you are saying. If you are being yourself, you’ll never have to go back and re-think what you had previously said about certain topics. You’ll know – because you’ve been telling the truth.
Don’t try to be funny.
Maybe you’re funny all of the time, maybe you don’t have to try.  But … just in case you are thinking about trying… yeah, don’t!  It’s never worked for me. I have found that when I go at something with funny as my intention – it falls flat on it’s unfunny face. However when I truly think that something is hilarious – that shit is contagious. Chances are, if it makes you laugh, it will make someone else laugh. So … go right ahead and spread that happy.
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