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Ask A Grown Writer: Practising Simplicity

January 5, 2015


image by Jodi

Jodi of Practising Simplicity (formerly Che and Fidel) is a complete superstar to many mummas and creatives across the globe. Her 52 project encourages bloggers (and others) to take a photo of their children each week and her blog generally encourages mindfulness and a kinder, gentler approach to life.

I asked Jodi for her tip-top top three tips for writing online. Here’s what she said…

1. Make your first sentence count. That one sentence needs to encompass everything you want to say – it needs to entice and intrigue. Today’s readers are busy people and they need to be hooked by your very first line.
2. Quality is always more important that quantity. Don’t just write something because you feel like you need to get a post up today. Instead, consider how you can turn two half-hearted “quickie” posts into a piece of writing that is both eloquent and meaningful. It doesn’t need to be long but it does need to resonate in order to inspire your readers and, ultimately, grow your readership.
3. Be careful when using slang and always, always, always use correct punctuation and grammar. Whenever you write something and publish it online remember that it is your CV. If you’re hoping to further your career as a writer and gain professional respect, it’s best to do things right from your very first post. 

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