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Ask A Grown Writer: Carly Findlay

January 28, 2015

Carly Findlay

Today, in Ask A Grown Writer, we talk to our of our Blog With Pip SUPERSTAR Alumni – Carly Findlay!

Carly’s a peer, rather than a student and I’ve been so excited to see the rise and rise of her blog. She won the Voices of 2013 Personal + Parenting Category, a BUPA Health Influencer Award and was nominated for a Pride Of Australia Medal. And that’s just for starters.

I asked Carly for some advice on writing online and here’s what she had to share…

+ Write for YOU! Do it because you enjoy it, because you are happier through writing, because it’s therapy or because it’s community building. Don’t worry what others are doing. Try not to listen to others’ expectations of the blogging industry or of themselves (or of you).  Try not to chase statistics or feel left out if you are left out of a brand opportunity. If you’re getting messages from readers who say they enjoy your writing or that you’ve helped them, that’s a HUGE bonus!

+ If you want to branch into a writing career, write like someone’s watching! Make sure you check your spelling and grammar. Pay attention to your page alignment and picture layout. Do your research, link back to things, promote your blog on social media.

+ Use your blog as a portfolio. It’s lots of writing practice. And you can show employers and editors that you can write regularly, manage an online community and respond to feedback. I have pitched many blog posts to publications and they’ve been republished!  I wrote more on this topic on my blog.

+ Criticism can be hard. It can hurt and make you worry or want to stop writing. I’ve been there. But! Don’t worry too much about what people think of you. Remember, readers only see a part of you. They only see the words you write on a screen. They don’t know how awesome you are. They don’t know everything that is going on in your life!

Are you a Carly-fan?

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