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Ask A Grown Writer: Allison Tait

maxresdefault-2 Here’s our first episode of Ask A Grown Writer! Today’s grown writer is Allison Tait. Al’s written four of her own books and ghost written another two. You may have seen her work in Madison, marie claire, CLEO, Cosmopolitan, Vogue Australia, Sunday Life, Spectrum (SMH), Essential (SMH), Weight Watchers, Australian Women’s Health, and Elle, as well as House & Garden, Belle, Vogue Living, Australian Country Style or on Kidspot. I asked her for her TOP 3 TIPS for online writing. Here’s what she said: Get intimate
It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking ‘I’m going to WRITE something now, so I must turn on my WRITER’S voice’. Don’t. Instead, write like you talk. Give people your voice and they’ll keep coming back. Write sensible headlines I spent many years writing clever headlines on my blog posts and wondering why nobody looked at them. Now I know the secret. Keep your headline sensible – 3 Top Tips For Writing Amazing Blog Posts, for instance, is a sure-fire winner! Look closely The small details make the best personal blog posts. Don’t tell me about your entire day at the zoo in chronological order. Tell me about the funny conversation you had about zebra stripes with your three year old. Or the way the seabreeze felt on your face on the ferry home. Hone in on the tiny details, and then make them universally appealing.   Thanks lady-pants!

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