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Ask A Grown Blogger: Smaggle

April 20, 2015

Ask A Grown Blogger has a special guest today! It’s Our Lady Of Smaggle, award-winning blogger Carly Jacobs.

Carly lives quite near me and I sometimes see her going for walks in her stripey dress or sipping coffee in my favourite cafe. It seemed like a good idea to ask her for some extra-local (extra-special) blogging tips. So I did. And she said yes. And then she emailed me these pointers…


Blog tips from Smaggle

Good advice is useless unless you use it
You can read every book, do every course, corner every top notch blogger at every conference on the planet but if you never actually do anything, nothing will happen. It seems really simple but learning the stuff isn’t enough – you have to do the stuff as well. If you find yourself in a blogging vortex stop and ask yourself ‘Am I actually doing something right now?’ if the answer is no, go do something!
Be interesting
If you’re at a party and you meet someone who only ever talks about themselves, shows you thousands of pictures of their cats and won’t shut up about their sister’s housemate’s boyfriend and how horrible he is, you’re probably not going to like that person very much. Your blog is an extension of you and while it’s important to inject your own personality into your blog make sure you stay relevent and interesting to your readers.
Be awesome to everyone 
Community is key with blogging and your reputation should preceed you. Comment on other blogs, share the work of bloggers you admire and participate in online forums and Facebook groups. Also never be too cool to talk to or hang out with other bloggers. We’re all fish swimming in the same sea and it’s nicer for everyone if we keep the waters calm. It’s fine to disagree with other bloggers but just remember if you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face at a dinner party, don’t say it online.
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