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Ask A Grown Blogger: Pottymouthmama

April 8, 2015

We’re branching out a little bit in our ‘Ask A’ series today, reaching out to bloggers we admire for advice on how best to tackle blogging, when the chips are down. (I love chips!)

First up, we’re talking to Lexi from Pottymouthmama. I’ve known Lexi (online and then offline) since I started blogging back in 2006. She’s one of the few bloggers that’s remained consistent and continued to blog in the same way over many, many years. Back in the day, Lexi used to ‘find’ interesting things and blog about them – SO good. Sheesh.

Then she went on to share her life, family, work and favourite things via her blog. Whatever she’s blogging about, I’m always enjoying reading her views and taking a peek from her perspective. She’s such a good egg. You should hang out with her, if you can…

Here’s Lexi’s advice on blogging happiness…

1. You can’t live off samples. Don’t start blogging because  you think you’ll be sent “free shit” or that you’re going to be the next Heather Armstrong. I mean you might. But there are SO MANY BLOGGERS that not everyone is going to hit the big time.
Start blogging if you want to create community, and if you truly think you have something worthwhile to say. You know how people say “everyone has a book in them” – that might be true, but not everyone’s an author (sorry to break it) so blogging just might not be your thing.
2. Be real. People respect real. And being a jerk is hard work. You don’t earn respect being a jerk. But being relate-able and flawed? People appreciate earnest writings. 
3. Don’t be boxed. You can hear people banging on about being in a niche, and sure – a niche is neat and tidy – but variety is the spice of life. Don’t be afraid to mix things up.

Thanks heaps, Lexi! I agree. Don’t be a jerk. Too many jerks on the blog-floor these days. Don’t be one of them.

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