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Ask A Grown Blogger: Cook Republic

April 28, 2015

I have been reading Sneh’s blog – Cook Republic – for quite some time, so I was excited to meet her in person at one of Kidspot’s Sydney events last year. Of course, she’s everything I thought she would be and more. She’s not only clever and modest, she’s super warm. Just a lovely person and a great example of what a great blogger role model might look like.

I asked Sneh for three tips for writing online (and being a great blogger). She sped back her reply with a friendly note. Here’s what she said…

1. Blog about what matters to you. Put a little bit of your soul in the words you send out and the universe will send back a whole lot of love!
2. Be Respectful. Be Kind. Be Humble.
3. Stick with it. Even when you don¹t want to. When the going gets tough and the words don¹t come, go for a walk, travel somewhere near or far. Refresh your perspective and come back to it.

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