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Meet Me At Mike's Stationery


I think it’s a bit quiet on the internet at this time of the year. I like to scout about and find good stuff for you to read. I am helpful like that…! Let’s go!


Amazing portraits of ‘burneshas’ : Albanian women who take a lifetime vow of celibacy in return for the right to live ‘as a man’ (rejecting arranged marriage and being their husband’s property, for instance, and gaining the right to vote, drive, work, smoke, drink, swear and more.)  At Peta Pixel. (via Rookie)
The best cookbooks of 2012. Do you agree?
I have a stationery range now! I’m a bit excited!!! I will tell you more soon!  (There are notecards, notebooks and a blank journal, too!)  Sorry there are not pictures at the link, but you can get the general idea, right?!
The Selby visits Matakana Farmers Market and the Puhoi Library (in New Zealand.)
Feel like playing with fire?  Into square dancing outfits?  Want to make voodoo s’mores with Amy Sedaris? Yes?! What excactly ARE s’mores? (We don’t have them here!)
That post bloggers write about resolutions (by me!)
Home Alone: where are they now? This piece tracks the original cast and what they ended up doing.
Look at these amazing things I made! I told you I would!

A message to you from space:

What are you reading?!

x Pip

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