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:: All About The Pompom Rug In Frankie Magazine

February 20, 2013

If you have the latest Frankie Magazine. Or if you read Poppytalk. Or if you read Kireei. Or if you are on Instagram…  Well, then you might have seen this pompom rug pop up. Apparently it’s on Pinterest too. Whodathunkit?! How speedy!

Let me tell you about this rug:

Jo from Frankie asked me to make this for Issue 52 and I said YES. Do you know why? I was already planning on making a pompom rug, so this was a NIFTY hurry along.

Photo by Eric Ronald : Rin's Wedding PomPoms

The window PomPoms

The window PomPoms

I had gathered all the pompoms from our POMPOM WINDOW PROJECT and all the pompoms people sent for Rin’s wedding already. And they were all waiting to be made into a rug to celebrate Rin and Joe’s first wedding anniversary.  When Jo asked me to pompom I KNEW that either she was a mind-reader or I was amazingly prepared and that we BOTH were quite woolly in the head. Cool.

If you made a pompom for Rin & Joe or a pompom for the window, then one of your pompoms may well be in this rug!  Can you see one of yours?!  Thank you for contributing to this woolly triumph! Thank you for being part of this crazy-cute!  And thank you for being part of Rin and Joe’s special pompom anniversary! (Did you know the first year of being married is celebrated with pompoms? It really is. Ahem.)

For me, this rug stands for a few things:


happy unions
working together

And probably even more. What do you think this rug says?  Are you a pompom liker?

x Pip


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