Ace Days Ahead


Moving is exhausting, right? There are so many things to do. Things to pack and move and clean. Loose ends to tie up. Problems to solve. Dust to breathe. Nails to break.

We’ve almost made it through the tricky bit and are nearly up to the bit where we can make our new house the way we want it to be and start living our new house life. Phew.

My feet hurt, though. I have been on my feet all week and it’s starting to take its toll. They feel like someone has been crunching them up and driving heavy things over them and punching the heck out of them, too.

Other bits hurt as well, but I won’t bore you with that. Suffice to say that moving house is better than any workout I’ve ever tried and my various bits are not thanking me for it… but they will be soon! Because we have a WAY nicer place to live. Surely even FEET can see that, right?!

I have been doing a lot of things whilst moving house. Trying to keep all the balls in the air, as they say.

I have been writing for Dumbo Feather. I wrote about the things we can learn about success from kids. Believe me, there are very important things! Also, I wrote about the 7 types of people you need in your support crew if you have a creative business dream (or probably any business dream!)

I have been working as a mentor on Etsy’s Creative Courage Challenge. This is one of my favourite things that I am doing at the moment! So fun and rewarding!

I have been meeting my Blog With Pip students for a (very chatty) field trip at the National Gallery of Victoria. What a blinking nice bunch of women they are. Adorable and smart.

I have been interviewing Creative Locals for Kidspot – people like Bianca Jagoe and Kate Forster have been telling me the best bits about their towns.

This week I am working on some projects for Frankie Magazine and Annie Sloan Unfolded. So there are ace days ahead, my friend.

I hope there are ace days ahead for you. What have you been doing? Do your feet understand you?

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PS – isn’t it amazing what you find when you move? I found so many ace-long-lost things! Like this Sweet And Sour cassette, for starters. Did you watch Sweet And Sour?!


  1. Pip
    I am exhausted just reading this post.
    You are one amazing woman!

    Totally jealous that you still have your "Sweet & Sour" tape.
    Mine is long gone 🙁

  2. Oh, gosh, I loved that show! The songs were so good! Did you also watch Dancing Daze? That was awesome too. x

  3. Oh how I loved Sweet & Sour. I watched every episode and had that cassette. I played it so much I ended up wearing it out!

  4. Well done on finishing the big move, Pip. Moving IS exhausting, but I think your feet will definitely thank you, once they get over their aches and pains. A bath might be in order, or a massage? The BWP catch up at the NGV looks so nice on Facebook…hope I can catch one in the future! All the best with the new place and look forward to reading your many and varied articles x Isabel

  5. So much fun at the BWP catch up, Pip! I feel very privileged to be part of the gang x

  6. Ivev got the album! Loved it and the series! must dig it out and play it! Oh, and those clothes! Ahhhh, the 80s!

  7. Yes! Now there’s a long forgotten show. Wasn’t Tracy Mann in that?
    Now she’s in Wonderland.

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