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April 28, 2010

Pilgrim. Have you heard about her? For sure you have. (If you haven’t this is where you should nod knowingly and hot-foot it over here….!)  Those are Ms Pilgrim’s prints up there.  They are really lovely, I think.  Don’t they make you want to know more?  Here is more ::

Things I like about Pilgrim : she is on Twitter and twitters most interestingly, she has a cool partner-de-vida (sounds a bit like In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, which he probably quite likes), she is colourful, she is talented, she is of pretty, bright hair-dos, she writes nicely in a chatty and smart manner, she is friendly, she is Mum to a cute kidlet, she works hard, she likes to cook, she has good taste and chic-cute style.

Pilgrim has good taste in music and also will be designing cool stuff for uber-huge-but-nice-slash-ethical companies before long.  So you better tap into a piece of Pilgrim now  That way you can say you knew her way back when (now) and you were always certain she would become a super-star.

Shop Draw Pilgrim :: here!
Live the Pilgrim Life :: here!

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