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February 23, 2015

Blogging is an ever-changing, lovely beast. Not only are the platforms changing and improving all the time, the tools to promote your content are forever on the move too. And not only are those things changing, the access to design elements, widgets, stock imagery, commenting systems, publishing add-ons, eMag functionality, video and more are changing as well. That’s all before we even start to talk about how our readership is constantly evolving …

This adaptation and fluidity means that it’s pretty much impossible to successfully be on top of everything as a blogger in 2015. Which is kind of a blessing. Not only can you let yourself off the hook and stop juggling all of the balls unsuccessfully, you can give yourself permission to keep learning and improve or update your skills.

Thankfully there are a host of ways you can gain access to the skills and tips you need to make your blog a whole bunch better. Phew. I’m here to tell you more about those:

1. Blogging eCourses

These vary in price for a four week + course to help you hone your content and grow your readership. Most of these amazingly great courses don’t cover the back end stuff, so keep that in mind. You can source that info elsewhere and use these experts to finesse your posts and bloggy good looks.

Decor8?s Blogging Your Way
Drop Dead Gorgeous’ Secret Blogger’s Business
A Beautiful Mess’s eCourses
Katrina Chambers and The Media Maid’s Blog Academy
Susannah Conway’s Blogging From The Heart
Rowdy Kitten’s eCourses

2. Blogging conferences

The very best thing about conferences is meeting other bloggers. The next best thing is learning all of the things from a bunch of experts in a room full of other enthusiasts.

Digital Parents Conference
PB Event
Alt Summit

3. Online learning platforms and sites

Blogs like Darren’s Problogger and sites like Skillshare offer a HUGE amount of practical tips and know-how from the comfort of your own couch.


4. Facebook groups

Facebook seems to be everyone’s internet base at the moment. We all have our issues with Facebook, but you can’t deny that it’s a great place to gather a community of like-minded souls. There are a heap of blogging-focused Facebook groups. Here are a few that my friends like and use:

Blog Chicks
Victorian Bloggers
The Blogging Library
Aussie Blogs To Love

5. In person tuition

Sometimes you just want to sit in a room with other people and get some face-to-face pointers on this blogging caper. Writers’ groups in your state will have blogging related classes (as do many adult education or community education centres).

Australian Writers’ Centre

6. Books and magazines

You could always curl up with a blogging related book by one of the experts. Here are a few good places to start:

Blog Inc
Mollie Makes Blogging
Blogging For Creatives
WordPress To Go
The Year Without Pants
Blogging For Bliss

7. Blogging communities

If you’re after something more than information, perhaps a community to support, inform and encourage you then there are a few locally based gems on offer:

Blog Chicks
The Blog Society

8. Podcasts

If you’re too busy to be reading, maybe you want to plonk some earphones on and plug into better blogging?

After The Jump
Blogging Your Passion
How They Blog

I personally love to keep up to speed by improving my skills, taking eCourses and generally immersing myself in blogging and blog-related skills. It’s so easy to get complacent when you work online, so keeping some kind of professional development on the agenda is a great way to keep things fresh for you and your readers.

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