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:: A Thursday Reading List

images via my Good Stuff Guide


Here’s a reading list for you, pets!

Major cities around the world, captured via 8 second double exposure.
A new to me (and new favourite) blog > here.
Five tips for blogging when you are super busy.
A cute slide show at Rookie.
Gosh. I have loved this blog forever. It’s a dose of GOODNESS, I tell you.
Another one of my favourites talks resolutions.
How to make your own super rad camera bag.
I love this blog > Lists of Note < It’s in hiatus, but it’s full of great stuff.
I posted Marilyn Monroe’s list of resolutions here.
Let’s go to Clare Cottrell’s house? I love her yellow dress!
Print these watercolour matchbox covers?
I am playing this! Do you want to play too?
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How are you? What are you up to? Are you well?

xx Pip

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