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A thing you might want to be part of: The Olympus Vision Project

Around nine and half years ago, when I started blogging, I bought myself an Olympus camera. It was on sale at Officeworks for half price (it was the display model!) and was a huge investment at the time. I figured if I was going to be a proper blogger, I needed a proper camera. I think I was right! I embarked on a photo-taking, post-writing adventure that continues to this day.

I bought myself another Olympus camera (a smaller one – an Olympus PEN – second-hand on eBay) a few years later. Ari now uses the PEN and a few of his shots were shown at an exhibition in Fitzroy last year! #PhotoLYF!

And THEN my friends chipped in and got me an even snazzier Olympus OMD for my birthday a couple of years ago. (That’s the one I’ve been using a lot over the last few years – a la the shot above!)

The shots on this blog have pretty much powered by those 3 cameras – and whatever phone camera I have had at the time.  (I think these ones are my faves!) So, with all that photo-taking love in mind, when this project popped up on Facebook tonight, it made me prick up my ears.

Firstly, they pricked up because I love these cameras and I wondered what these guys were up to.

Secondly, they pricked up because this is a great initiative!!

Australia really DOES NOT support arts funding in the way that it should. We are far too busy buying submarines and the like, apparently. Anyone that swings some money in the direction of creative projects and emerging or established creatives/artists has their head screwed on right (as far as I am concerned!) SO much better than submarines!



From what I have read on the website, there is $100K in creative grants and photography gear up for grabs. You just need to come up with an innovative and worthy project. Head here for the full story.

Go pitch an idea! Do a cool thing!! (Or share this with the clever creatives in your life! I bet they have great ideas but might need a bit of a hand to make them happen!)

pip signatureThis post is not sponsored or commercially rewarded in any way – just a cool thing that might help creative people on their way with some money and valuable equipment! 

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    May 6, 2016 at 7:30 PM

    Sounds brilliant! Best of luck for anyone applying 🙂

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