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A Party Post With Bonus Falling Over, Chatty Bits & Random Recommendations


Here is a catch-up because I have been scribing and not writing here … and I have been missing blogging so much!

Listening party

I’ve been listening to records – or as the kids call them … vinyls. I have this record player – or turntable as the kids call them. It’s from RockIt Record Players and it’s the MBeat PRO-M Stereo Turntable System with BluetoothIt’s super cute and you can actually plug other speakers into it, which is brilliant if you want to go bigger down the track. I don’t tho, at this point. It’s just fine for me.

MBeat PRO-M Stereo Turntable System with Bluetooth

Book-writing party

Oh my goodness. I have not been blogging much because I have been writing my new book, squeezing in writing hours before and after work and on the weekends. I am nearly there. I’m up to 75 000 words which I can’t quite believe. Isn’t it amazing that you can make something out of nothing … just out of ideas and thoughts in your head? If you have ever wanted to write a book, I can thoroughly recommend it.  This is where I write my book …


List-making party

I am going coveting some new records because any that I had – from my long-ago youth – have headed off somewhere else in boxes. Here are some that are on my list. I’m going to snap up a new one every month! #RecordOfTheMonth

+ Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea by PJ Harvey

+ Back To Black by Amy Winehouse

+ Assume Form by James Blake

+ Good Humour by Saint Etienne

+ The Best of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds by guess who?! Lol.

Birthday-countdown party

This coming Wednesday is my birthday and I am counting down because it’s a half-century and I’ll be 50 years old!

Research and reading party

I have been doing a lot of reading and listening to interviews to make sure my book has lots of helpful and accurate info packed into it.

This book is about how to push through tough times – things like loss, break-ups, trauma, mental and physical ill health – and it’s written from my own experience of these things, but with lots of other expert advice included.

It’s not a memoir – so it’s not packed full of nitty gritty Pip life event drama (sorry Dr Phil!) Rather it’s about working through hard feelings tough times bring – things like depression, anxiety and PTSD – and what helped me to feel a bit better during dark days.

I have found writing it to be such a gift and I hope that it will help other people who are dealing with hard days. It’s out next year which is quite a long time to wait omg gah.

Solo party

I’ve been battling pretty BLERK social anxiety over the last year so I’ve been spending quite a lot of time on my own, but it’s now on the improve thanks to 5 months worth of chatting to ace psychologist. I tell you this because maybe you are a bit the same or know someone that is? It’s good to get some professional support with this kinda stuff, I reckon.


Snacking party

I’ve been eating a lot of delish things. I am STILL into those bagels with creamed cheese, spring onions, golden-friend shallots, sliced tomato and Sriracha.

Lightbulb changing party

Stood on a very tall stool in bathroom. Changed light globe in very old light fitting. Did not fall or die or even electrocute myself even a tiny bit. Same for toilet. I’m a total hero, I know!

Falling over party

I tripped over in the street in the dark. Sigh. I KNOW. I was trying to surprise Ari at the bus stop and the was walking the dog up at about 10.30 one night. I didn’t realise that the workmen – who have been in the street for a month – had left a plank of wood across the foot path in a very dark part of my street. I was talking to the dog and looking ahead and bam. I was on the ground. I banged my head and grazed my face and knee and it was not pretty. It seems funny now though. It was not funny at the time – nor a couple of days later when I had a very sore neck and realised I had banged my jaw. HELLO heavy painkillers for several days.URGH. But now … I am totally better and SO FINE and … I will never walk at night without looking at the ground ever again. That is the moral of the story I think.

Speaking of the workmen. The dog is very scared of them all and barks at them all day long if I he is outside. Who can blame him, to be honest. What with their random bits of wood and all.

the cult of the family

The Family

Also REMEMBER how I spotted this matchy-matchy back when Stranger Things Season 1 first came out?! I had been following the Ann Hamilton Byrne story for years and Eleven’s dress looked familiar straight away. Just sayin’. The dress photo of The Family is doing the rounds again. 

Stranger things eleven

Watch party

I have not been watching much because I have been hunkering down and working on the book, but I have still found time for:

+ Rosehaven – I want to live there – on iView

+ The Cult of The Family – Such a sad and unfathomable story. – on iView

+ Isn’t It Romantic – snort – on Netflix

Pip Lincolne

UFO party

This blanket is a UFO. Un-Finished Object. I’m going to finish it this Winter and make it four times as big!

What have you been up to, chickens?

x Pip

Illustration by @rubyalicerose – via her Twitter account.

“Despite the raw grief that many of us are still feeling, we must remain united against hatred, division and Islamophobia. Extremists all of persuasions share a common goal which is to foster division and inject fear into our hearts. We must not allow them to succeed.” – @MariamVeiszadeh

“”They are us. The person who has perpetuated this violence against us is not. They have no place in New Zealand.” – NZ PM Jacinda Adern

“The only way that communities can respond to the voice of hate is to come together with love, compassion and kindness” – Mayor of Christchurch Lianne Dalziel

”We are one community and everything we try to say to tear people apart, demonise particular groups and set them against each other, that all has consequences even if we’re not the ones with our finger on the trigger.” – Waleed Aly

“How many more tragedies like #Christchurch do we need before we recognize this is the inevitable consequence of Islamphobia, racism, race – baiting, fearmongering & demonising refugees & immigrants by politicians & Murdoch media. This is the human cost, we must learn from it.” – Kon Karapanagiotidis

“Do NOT be fooled by alligator tears of people who bear complicity in such attacks because of how they enable hate-speech against Muslims. They are devastated because it derails their agenda wherein Muslims are always the bad guys and NEVER the victims. – @MuslimMatters

“Ultimately, [murderer] nurtured by a media that exploits the politics of hate and division. If the slaying of dozens of Muslims so close to home isn’t a warning that Islamophobia and the rise of white supremacy must be taken seriously, then what is?” – C. J. Werleman


  • Katie
    March 25, 2019 at 11:06 PM

    I can’t wait to read your book Pip. I also want to live in Rosehaven. Devastated when I tuned in last week and it wasn’t on.

  • Kerrie
    March 21, 2019 at 4:49 PM

    Happy (belated) Birthday Pip! I turned 50 last year and it was surprisingly ok. Last year I also tripped over on a footpath. I remember the whole thing felt like I was flying in slow motion and then I landed taking the full force into my hands and knees. I felt about 5yrs old again! It was quite a shock and I was battered and bruised for days. I have definitely watched where I’m going a little more carefully since. I wish I still had all my records, they moved house with me so many times until someone convinced me that record players were obsolete. Hopefully someone saw them as treasure at the op shop.

  • Isabel
    March 19, 2019 at 9:56 PM

    Happy birthday Pip! So nice to read a chatty catch-up post. I always love I when I see you’ve posted. I’m ace, hanging with my Mum and baby boy down in Queenscliff for a few days. He has three teeth and I love watching him and Mum together, becoming the best of friends. Can’t wait for your book! Keep up the great work and thank YOU for your blog and for giving 50 years of Pippish goodness to the world. You make it a better place x

  • kate
    March 18, 2019 at 9:22 AM

    just saying Hi Pip. Looking forward to reading your new book, next year is so long to wait.

    • Rhonda Hetzel
      March 25, 2019 at 7:26 PM

      Hi Pip, I have the first two records on your list and I recommend the fabulous Christine and the Queens – Chaleur Humaine. Good luck with your writing. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with this time. ?

      • Pip
        April 11, 2019 at 6:34 PM

        thank you so much Rhonda! We are peas in a pod with our record collections, I think!! Well. I think you actually HAVE one while I am recollecting all of mine, but we are similar in our taste. Thank you for the recommendation! xx

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