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A new project from me: Hungry Hungry Pippo!

October 21, 2021

Hello dear pals,

How are you going? I am going … okay. Pushing on with all the different things I need to achieve and organise so we can MOVE BACK TO VICTORIA. Sigh. I know. It’s an unexpected turn of events, one out of my control. But I’m hoping to make the best of it and turn this surprising plot twist into something totally a-okay.

Because it costs a bloody fortune to move, I have started a new fun thing called Hungry Hungry Pippo! It’s a food and friendship and culture newsletter and I’m sharing stories and recipes and best of the week tips over there on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can subscribe for free, for $5 a month (cancel any time) or $50 a year and you will receive access to the newsletter accordingly.

Find Hungry Hungry Pippo here.

Of course, there are always recipes and bits and bobs on this very blog for free. And my newsletter Something Good Every Day is also free.

(Basically newsletters are one way to not bombard subscribers to this blog with stuff they don’t want … and to receive a tiny wage for what I do, writing-on-the-internet-wise.)

The first recipe went out yesterday and it was my family-famous Pass the Parcel Curry. It’s a really brilliant one and everyone I make it for goes a bit weak at the knees when they eat it!

I hope you are staying well and that your favourite people are okay too.

Love and squeezes to you,


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