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:: A Month of A to Z : ‘F’

F is for Floral

How are you? Are you good? I am good!

Today Kirst and I went on a bit of a creative junket. We’ve been working really hard together on a thing or two this year, so we thought we’d take a few hours to hang out together and look at cool stuff and get inspired. Do you have good friends you do that with? It’s really an excellent idea.  We did some vintage shopping and talked a lot about making things, blogging, creative people and stuff like that.  We had a super fun time.  (F is for Fun!)

I didn’t take many photos, because I wanted to switch off a bit… but I did take THIS photo.  Did someone in your life have this flowery carpet?!  Someone in my life did!

A Month of A to Z is here. Join in any time… for a day or the rest of the month!

x Pip

PS : Thanks for reading, guys.  I appreciate it!

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