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:: A Month of A to Z : ‘C’

C is for CAKES!  Of course!

I made these cakes today. I am so glad to have ANY excuse to bake a cake, really, so I need to thank the A to Z month for giving me a bakey push!  You can join in any time, too! (For a day, a week or a month!)

Here’s how to make these cakes, in case you want to do that!


Lemon Cake with Syrup
adapted from Jessica’s Lemon Squares in Stephanie’s Seasons by Stephanie Alexander

1/4 cup of unsalted butter
1/4 cup of castor sugar
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups of self-raising flour
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp of lemon rind, finely grated

Cream the butter and the sugar until pale.
Beat in the eggs, one by one.
Add the vanilla.
Fold in the flour and lemon rind.

Bake in a 25cm round tin : be sure it’s very well-greased (you can even line it, if you are a good sort!) : for 40 minutes in a moderate oven or until cooked through and golden.

juice of 3 lemons
1/2 cup of castor sugar

Mix together and pour over the hot, just-baked cake.


Banana Cake
slightly adapted from the PWMU Cookbook

1/2 cup of sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup of butter
2 cups of self-raising flour
1/2 tsp of baking powder mixed with 1/4 cup of milk
1 tsp of vanilla extract
2 bananas, mashed

Mix the milk/baking powder/vanilla and bananas together.
In a mixer, cream the butter and sugar until pale.
Add the eggs one by one.
Add the banana mix to the  butter/sugar, egg mix.
Fold in the flour.

Spoon into a well-greased loaf tin.  Sprinkle with some sugar. Bake for 40 minutes in a moderate oven.


Do you like cake?

x Pip

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