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:: A Month Of A to Z : ‘B’

I’m playing ‘A Month of A to Z’ as much as I can in December!  (You can join in at any time, click the link to see more..!)

December 2nd is ‘B’

B is for Buddies:  The dude on the left is semi-stuffed and the prototype for the ‘Piggyback Monkey’ from my book  Make Hey!
The one on the right is the finished guy… he’s smaller with a chambray tail, because chambray was totes on trend when I made him… (I think it still is!)
I am going to finish the leftie off, because no one wants their middle falling out!
The tapestry is from a deceased estate in Burwood.
The book was a gift from my friend Michelle Mackintosh. We both love the Provensens

How are you today? We had a nice weekend. I finished reading the Carole Radziwill book. I started another. We went to the Woodend farmer’s market and I just MAY have eaten many delicious things (like Duck Parfait, for instance… sorry vegetarians!)  I started cleaning up the JUNK about my house, thinking of Christmas visitors.  And this afternoon we watched old home movies for hours and got a bit teary. It was pretty nice.

How about you? What did you do?


xx Pip

Also: I added a little heart counter on each post… so if you are too busy to comment you can click the heart to like a post!  At least then I know that you are having a nice time here! Do it!! Go on!!

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