A handful of great podcasts to listen to

Just in case you are looking for some great stories to listen to this week, I’ve got a few suggestions you might quite fancy…

NOTE: If you don’t know how to listen to podcasts on your phone, you simply download a podcast app (in iTunes you can search for one called ‘Podcasts‘ or ‘Overcast‘ – and there are others too! Same idea for Android phones.)

Once you have downloaded the podcast app, open it up, search for the podcast you want to listen to by its name or title. You can then listen to that podcast/episode – or you can subscribe and your phone will load new podcasts from that publisher as they are uploaded, when you are online.

(Did you know that Spotify have podcast functionality on their app too – so you can listen to some podcasts there, as well as music! The ABC Listen app also allows you to listen to their podcasts – as well as radio stations – within it, too. All that said, the apps like ‘Podcasts‘ or ‘Overcast‘ catch ALL of the podcasts you will ever want to listen to!)

A Handful of Great Podcasts To Listen To This Week

1. Who Can You Trust? by Mary Claire-King
on The Moth

This has been around for a while, but is a good one, so I am putting if first. I read this story and shared it on Facebook, where people who knew about it directed me to listen to The Moth episode, where Mary tells it in her own words. So great and a real triumph over ratbags tale.

And the following eps are all very recent and great…

2. The Case of the Phantom Caller
on Reply All

I loved this! It’s part Poltergeist and part genius and part wait, what?! I found it super fascinating. Maybe you will too?

3. Twin Peaks’ Kyle MacLachlan Makes a Damn Fine Cherry Pie
on Burnt Toast

What could be better than Agent Cooper discussing pies and Twin Peaks and wine and life? Not much. Not much at all.

4. Dewey Decimal Drama
on Every Little Thing

This is a double whammy, because the start of the episode is all about slug penises and slug sex. And then it moves on to some SUPER interesting discussion about the Dewey Decimal System. Sounds boring. Is far from it.

5. Chitlins at Bergdorf’s
on The Nod

This teaser for the new podcast Undone tells the tale of a fashion battle between France and the US.  At the palace of Versailles. In 1973. So good.

Okay, the following one is older too, but worth a revisit…

6. The Russian Passenger
on Reply All

I’ve linked to this one before, but I love modern tale of vicarious travel (my own Uber account got hacked last year).

(You can search for all these episodes in iTunes or your phone/tablet’s podcasting app.)

And a seventh recommendation, which is a series, rather than a single episode like the ones above.

Mum Says My Memoir is a Lie
by Rosie Waterland

I love this one so much. It’s writer Rosie Waterland, discussing her memoir with her mum. Rosie wrote a book about her life to date, based on her own memories and things her family had told her.

Some snazzy revisionist history went on, thanks to a CERTAIN FAMILY MEMBER HELLO ROSIE’S RAD MUM, and this podcast is the result, with Rosie’s mum correcting each chapter of her daughter’s memoir, episode by episode. So funny and perfect, because life is LIKE THIS and families can be like this too!

Also on my list as regular faves are the ones below (and more!)

Bang On – pop culture and music with Myf and Zan – via the ABC
Spilled Milk – a foodie, chatty one with Orangette’s Molly Wizenberg
Chat 10, Looks 3 – live your best life with Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb
Trace – true crime via the ABC
Zealot – everything you ever needed to know about cults
Ladies We Need To talk – womens stuff with Yumi Stynes via the ABC
Big Ideas – life, culture, politics and science via the ABC
Invisibilia – science-y stories via NPR
This American Life – with Ira Glass via NPR
Dear Science – advice columns meet science via the ABC
All In The Mind – all kinds of interesting things about the brain and our behaviour
Off Track – ace stories about nature and the environment via the ABC
Desert Island Discs – an oldie but a goodie which features well-known types talking about what they’d take to a desert island

Again, search for these within your podcasting app – or simply Google ’em!

Which podcasts do you love listening to? And which apps do you use to listen?

x Pip


    • Annie

    • 3 years ago

    I’m a big fan of No Such Thing as a Fish by the people who research for BBCs QI. Lots of amazing facts and entertaining chatter. Fascinating stuff

  1. Sorry, one more – the Scummy Mummy podcast. Hosted by a comedy duo who live near me in SE London, one is British and the other is from Melbourne. They’re hilariously daft.

  2. Oooh, I love a podcast me! I like My Favourite Murder (sadly, about murder cases but hosted by a couple of fab women), Zealot (an Aussie one, about cults), Myths and Legends, Adam Buxton and You Must Remember This (about 20th Century Hollywood). There’s also an excellent edition of the Moth by Craig Chester who was haunted by Montgomery Clift, listen to it, it’s so weird!

    • Rachel

    • 3 years ago

    As well as Reply All which you obv already know, I’m a regular listener to: Allusionist, All Songs Considered, 99% Invisible, and Answer Me This. Occasional listens include Song Exploder, On Being, WTF With Mark Marron, You’re the Expert, Design Matters, and recordings of events at the Wheeler Centre. I also listen to a bunch related to my work (social/economic policy research): Thinking Allowed, EconTalk, LSE Public Lectures, Long Now Seminars.

  3. Thanks muchly for sharing! Always on the lookout for a new one!


    • Reannon

    • 3 years ago

    I love your first three on your regular listen list. My picks would be Wilosophy, The Slow Home podcast, Straight & Curly & I dip in & out of Conversations too.
    Did you listen to S-Town? I really liked that a lot.

    • Liz

    • 3 years ago

    Thanks for the list!!
    My absolute fav is the guilty feminist podcast.

    • paula

    • 3 years ago

    podcasts are my new fave thing. bearing in mind I am other side of the globe, here is a recent pick:
    Fortunately – jane Garvey & fi glover.
    its a bbc radio 4 thing, so may not translate so well?
    I have been made aware of this one as well:
    you must remember this podcast.com loads of old Hollywood type stories – haven’t listened yet but looks a goodun.

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