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A Hack’s Guide To Photoshop


Hacks Guide To Photoshop from pip lincolne on Vimeo.

The password for this video is: billyidol

Here’s a little run through of Photoshop, for those who aren’t sure how it works. It’s not a tutorial, as such, but rather a guide to show you how easy Photoshop is to play with and give you some food for thought if you’re thinking about learning more.

At the Adobe site you will find a heap of tutorials, as demo-ed by experts. You can definitely use my video as a basic guide to making cute images for your blog, but you’ll need more info if you want to get a bit more tricksy.

This is more to whet your whistle, as they say in the classics.

My computer BROKE while I was making this tutorial, so do excuse my slightly stressed-out voice-over. I lost the original footage on the old computer so I had to reshoot and re-record the audio for this. Shazam! I did it! Hope it helps you get more of an idea about Photoshop and how much fun it can be (and how much it can enhance your images!)

xx Pip


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