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A Great Thing I Got To Be Part Of…

September 18, 2015

featured image by (the ace) Troy Emery


Aw hai!

How are you going? I am excited-exhausted. Excited to be settling in to our new ‘hood. Exhausted because man, it’s been a busy year so far and things are JUST starting to ease up. PH-EW.

This week I got to speak at Craft And Design As A Career. It’s a one day conference – part of Craft Cubed (you might remember last year I ran the Pretty In Pink screening for Craft Cubed?!) – and is an initiative by Craft Victoria.

It was pretty ace (even though I always feel a bit like a dick when I do public speaking), chiefly because of the great presenters. I got there at lunchtime, so I missed some of the (by all accounts amazing) earlier speakers, but I did get to listen to a few people who are doing great + crafty things.

Here’s a bit more about them:

1. Lee + Vicki from Banmirra Arts Inc
They spoke about their creative journey  in a humorous, dare-devilish manner. Completely lovely with healthy doses of have-a-crack and revive-revered-and-lost-arts. I learnt a lot about public art installation and also about the traditional cloaks that Banmirra creates. Brilliant. (Imagine how great it would be to create a work of art for the community?! So great. These guys have been doing that with aplomb for quite some time!)

2. Eddy Carroll
I loved Eddy. She’s a bit freaked out by speaking in front of large groups (as I am!) so she read a beautiful piece about how her career and love of making has unfolded – and ad-libbed masterfully along the way. I found her really genuine, humble and smart. She had lots of good things to say, travel tales to tell and was generally just super encouraging and adorable. Her presentation made me want to run home and make things in a very urgent manner.

3. Troy Emery
Our Lord Of The PomPoms, Troy Emery was a pure delight. I loved seeing how he created his perfectly gorgeous pompom sculptures (as seen in the windows of Hermes) and his crafty life story was really interesting and inspiring. I love Troy’s work a lot. I had never seen it before (hangs head) so this was a total fuzzy breath of fresh air. I pretty much spent this entire prezzo grinning at him, which must have been creepy. Sorry Troy.

My presentation was a bit of a summary of how I got to where I am now – and lots of detail about the things that have tripped me up along the way. It was fun and a bit emotional, but I always think it’s good to be practical and talk about the joys AND realities of  a creative career – so that is what I did.

If you get a chance to attend any of Craft Cubed’s events this year – or to head to Craft And Design As A Career NEXT year, you really should. A lovely bunch of people attended and the program was beautifully crafted, expertly hosted and really enlightening and inspiring.

Thanks to Craft for including me!!!

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  • Reply Pia September 19, 2015 at 12:53 AM

    Sounds like an amazing experience, Pip.
    I checked out all the links and Eddy’s work is my fave.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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