A Good Stuff For Nice People Reading List



It’s raining in my town this morning. The trees are dripping their second-hand raindrops and the birds are chortling excitedly and the clouds are just being cloudy, you know?

I’ve been getting up earlier and earlier, making the most of that lovely dark quietness, before the day has truly begun. Catching up on my reading – online and bookish – and drinking a LOT of coffee in really big cups and mugs. I am a big cups and mugs kind of person.

Maybe you are not getting up really early and don’t have the dark and quiet big-coffee-filled time to find good things to read.

That is annoying for you, but you might need your sleep, so don’t be to hard on yourself.ย PLUS, you have someone like me to help you find the good things to read, without doing all that legwork, so you’re probably being more sensible than you know.

Here’s a bunch of things you might enjoy. And thank you for reading my blog. You’re a champ.


A Good Stuff For Nice People Reading List

+ You might just love this ย cross stitched street art. I really love itย A LOT.
+ We have a special Facebook group for idle chatter, if you want to join!
+ Sob! Parenting on the banks of Plum Creek style.
+ Magic Apple Plum Cobbler sounds like what we all need when we’ve had a rough day.
+ An brilliant arts activist group put their own spin on advertising. Meow.
+ How to write your way out of the crappy feels.
+ Over at Poppytalk, Jan shares a bunch of ace 2016 planners. I KNOW! Don’t freak out, but the year is sneakily winding up!
+ Artist Bunnie Reiss paints these amazing gloves and they are amazing.
+ This Japanese retirement village is like something from a fairy tale.
+ Here’s a bunch of words you can use to describe nature-type-things.
+ Make some chilled sesame noodles. Then come sit by me.
+ A woolly start-up that’s kicking goals. How great!
+ If you don’t know someone’s actual address, just describe them and draw a MAP on the envelope!
+ How to take a truly restful break.
+ There is a special art exhibition for dogs to enjoy. Dogs apparentlyย are totally on board with this.
+ Ten words for emotions you didn’t even know you were having. I wish you pronoia.


Have a good day, guys. Treat yourself to something nice?


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  • Annemarie
    September 22, 2016 at 1:40 AM

    Thanks for making these lists…so much to explore….I really appreciate them!

  • Annamari
    September 21, 2016 at 4:48 PM

    Thanks, Pip! I have missed your lists ๐Ÿ™‚ Will keep up again from now on.

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