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Hello Peaches! I wanted to tell you about a couple of things. So here goes…

+ Have you seen the latest issue of Frankie Magazine? There’s heaps of good things inside. One of those is this Quality Koala Tee project by me! It was really fun to make and I’m telling you how to make one too. Or a whole bunch. Or other printed things. Go (gum)nuts!

+ Speaking of which, I went to an event for The Emerging Writer’s Festival featuring Frankie’s editor, my friend Jo Walker. It was ace, so I am sorry if you didn’t get to go. You can check out what else is happening for the EWF here – there’s only a couple of days left though. I think this looks great, personally!

+ Have you ever wanted to start a blog or build a simple website? Maybe you want to overhaul an existing blog, even? My eCourse Blog With Pip starts in 2 weeks and there are limited spots left. Sign up, learn stuff and be in my gang. I can teach you how to make a blog, write better, wrangle social media, plan that blog to book dream and a whole heap more.

+ So many people have been writing to me about my new book! Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback because it’s hard to know how it’s all going from this side of the fence. I’m thinking seriously about what to do next in the book department too. I’ve got lots of bright ideas.

+ I’ve been reading some great things…

.  a piece about the real pigeons of New York
. a piece about motherhood and cultural differences
. a piece about giant vegetables

I’ve just made a big pot of minestrone in my lunch break. We’re going to have that for dinner. I’m going to have mine with hot toast spread with roasted red pepper rouille. Yum. I really need to get some red peppers, actually…

Do you ever feel like you’re super-looking-forward to the evening? That you think about it all day, longing for the sun to set and the night to close in? Like it’s the cosiest time when you get to eat soup and shut the world out for a while? Or is it just me? Evenings are the thing I most love about the Wintery months – the cosy nights and the quiet but chilly mornings can not be beaten, in my books. Retreating with the people I most like suits my personality, I think.

Speaking of which…. I followed a link to this personality test (I think from Oh Joy!?), filled it out and was totally surprised at how accurate it was.  I am an INFJ, apparently. If you do it, feel free to share what it says YOU are in the comments below?!

I’m going to get those peppers now. And then I’m going to make some scones and brownies. Don’t try to stop me…

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  1. It’s nearly midsummer here in the UK, and I do so love light evenings, the sound of swifts and a garden full of flowers (but I do like cozy winter evenings too).
    Thanks for sharing the links to other articles…The piece about new motherhood and cultural differences was very touching. Relevant to all new mothers I think, and it reinforced my belief that everyone deserve a safe haven.
    I’m INFJ! (marginal/no preference over judging/perceiving)

  2. Hi Pip,
    I’m an INFJ too !
    I just bought your new book and found out you’re coming to the book shop in Brisbane!

    ———-Emily, I’ve read Susan Cain’s book too. I’m very glad I did, I felt relieved!

  3. Oh also I meant to say how much I love winter evenings. It is my most favourite thing ever. We don’t get a long winter here so I enjoy it even more. Nothing better than hunkering down and getting snuggly. I too think about it all day long and look forward to it arriving.

  4. I love these koalas so much! I’ve been experimenting with stamping onto fabric lately. It’s so much fun. I’ve done the Myers Briggs test every time I’ve had a new job and every single time I come out as INFP. So I thought I’d do this one to see if I’ve changed over the years and sure enough, I’m INFP again. Well at least I’m consistent in my introverted, intuitive, feely, perceiving ways.

  5. Hi Pip!
    I’m an INFJ too! Apparently we’re a rare personality type, and here we all are commenting on your blog! Birds of a rare feather flocking together 🙂

  6. I’m on the absolute border between INFJ & ISFJ with no preference between sensing and feeling… it’s interesting how many INFJs have commented on your post! Both descriptions are very much me.

  7. Those koalas!! Will have to go buy a Frankie. I’m strongly ENT, and then I’m more borderline between the J and P, I think I come through as a little more J. I did the test with a psychologist when I was 16 to help me pick what to study, and it was incredibly helpful – good to have someone point out some of the obvious things you should be able to work out by yourself but don’t, like maybe don’t plan for a career where you work from home without other people to bounce ideas off if you have my personality! Joanna Goddard (cupofjo.com) recently posted a link to each personality type’s idea of hell which made me laugh: http://thoughtcatalog.com/heidi-priebe/2015/05/the-definition-of-hell-for-each-myers-briggs-personality-type/

  8. Hi pip,
    I so identify with the things you share.
    I love a personality test (I’m INFJ too). I’m endlessly fascinated by the introvert-extrovert conundrum, what makes each end of the spectrum tick and what it all means for the world in which we live. At the mo I’m reading Quiet by Susan Cain and every page is filled with lightbulb moments. Highly recommended!

    1. Meet Me At Mikes

      I am so glad we have found each other! 🙂 Thank you for reading my blog. xx

  9. Love love love those little koala faces!!x

  10. Us INFJ’s are a good bunch. And I think the long restful Winter’s nights suit us right down to our feeling, intuiting, judging introverted bones : ) Mmm. Off to meld with the couch right now.

  11. Pip! I’m an INFJ too! Probably why your stuff always resonates with me so deeply. It’s like listening to a more growed-up, wiser version of myself! Especially Craft for the Soul – I’m reading and re-reading and sticky-noting and note-taking it non-stop. Much love darl, keep being your rad INFJ self x

  12. Hello Pip! I made minestrone the other day and got so excited about the little star shaped pasta that it was more pasta-y in the end. Worth it. Lotsa love 🙂

  13. oooh! I love peronalyilty tests.
    I’m ENFP

  14. I am an INFJ too, apparently. Sounds good to me!

  15. Pip, you are so right about winter evenings. As the sun drops around 5pm my dogs retreat to my back deck to sticky nose on what I’m doing inside through the big glass sliding doors. Sometimes they curl up together there. Other times they will go to their kennels and I always know when its really cold outside because I hear them scrabbling about to snuggle together inside one kennel. (You may be thinking why don’t I bring them inside but two kelpies would go wild inside)

    Winter soups and books are warming and comforting. Even winter television has that old comfy slipper feel with some of the English dramas but best of all are the nights when everything is settled and quiet and I can go to my bed that has been warmed by my old fashioned hot water bottle with a book or a magazine, a cup of hot tea and listen to Lindy Burns on 774 Melbourne and then if I haven’t dozed of the wonderful Tony Delroy.

    Winter is a season where life slows down to regenerate and I certainly try do that.

    Ciao for now,


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