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:: A Few Faves: The Ermagherd Edition

Ermagherd. I’m so tired. I am not sure how it’s possible to be tired, actually. I have been doing NOTHING AT ALL. I am too tired to do. I am just lumping about watching stuff on the computer, taking breaks for snacking. I think I may have overdone it this year and I’m catching up on some do-nothingness to compensate. Does this sound like you, too?

Lately we’ve been drinking homemade Tonic Water and eating prawns, guacamole, cheese from the Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder, vegemite toast, Thai beef salad, Adam Liaw’s Fish Sauce Roast Chicken (from this GREAT book*!) Cold roast turkey from Christmas Eve dinner, sliced ham with chutney, lots of potato salad and coleslaw, the odd chocolate from gifted boxes.

I’ve been reading bits and bobs over at Vanity Fair. It’s always GREAT for a chunky read or a bit of an I-Spy. I love these My Desk features. I love the society features. I love Vanity Fair mostly.

I’ve been wishing for favourite beaches because we’re staying in town this year: Sandy Point, Walkerville South, Norman Bay, Coles Bay & Tinderbox are on the fave list. I’ve been chatting to my sister about a possible beachy Christmas for 2014 (may/may not happen!)


Wilted Kale and Roast Potato Salad (via A House In The Hills) sounds crazily good, right? I would like mine with a lot of Sriracha… I’m so spicy.

We watched My Life As A Turkey. Did you watch it too? Amazing cinematography! Amazing birds! I loved the bit where the animals were all playing together the best.

Gemma introduced me to Courtney Barnett, recommending ‘The Asthma Song’. It’s not really called ‘The Asthma Song’. It’s called ‘Avant Gardener’. You should totally have a listen because Courtney = ace. (Watch out for bongs.)

Gingerbread Snacking Cake from Smitten Kitchen looks so good! I used to make the Stephanie Alexander one a lot… it’s especially good when it’s a few days old. I think I will make that again! Yes!

What have you been doing? What are you reading? Are you tired too?

x Pip

 * Disclosure: I was sent Adam’s book by his publisher ages ago, but I LOVE IT! We cook from it all the time!


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