A Delicious Raspberry + Ricotta Cake

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One of the first things I wanted to do when I got home from our holiday/horrorday was to make a cake. There is something comforting about baking, isn’t there? The (probable) reliability of creaming things together and whisking them and folding stuff is calming and sure and heralds delicious tastes and smells.

I was reading Orangette on Monday morning and someone mentioned this recipe. I looked it up and it seemed like just the sort of cake I would like. No matter that no one else in my house will even give it a go (I’m talking people who don’t like cooked fruit and people who only eat gluten-free.) I made it anyway. It’s okay to bake an entire cake for your own pleasure and then try to find someone who WILL eat some with you, I think. Don’t you?

This cake is simple and yummy. I took my own good time making it, instead of rushing about.  It’s meant to have berries in it, but it’s a good recipe to play around with I reckon… You could make a lemon version or a sour cherry version or even a rhubarb version with great results, I think.

It’s super yum and a good sturdy mix for messing about with. (Seriously, you can’t beat ricotta in a cake, can you?!)

On the home front things are a bit dramatic still. Poor Rin is in hospital so we’ve been doing our best to keep her supplied with love and snacks and things she needs. I keep having dreams that the hospital is ringing me but I don’t answer the phone. Ugh. Waking up freaking out a bit. Not nice.

Hopefully she will be well in the next day or two and she can start settling back into her real life again. I am looking forward to some quieter times very soon for us all.

How are you going? Are you well? Do you ever make a cake that no one else in your house will eat?


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  1. Hi Pip, Speedy recovery wishes to Rin. Cake looks delish !

  2. Oh yes, baking is SO comforting. When dad was sick a lot last year, I baked loads of cupcakes, with passionfruit icing on them. The ritual of folding and creaming and spooning and decorating is so calming , reassuring and filled with hope! Even putting them in a pretty tin and delivering them made me happy. The other nice thing about this one, Pip, is that it gives you an excuse to seek out a like-minded friend-always a good thing in times of crisis. Hope your Rin is well soon. x

  3. Pip, are you sure you didn’t make an “I’m the only one who will eat it cake” on purpose?! 😉 It looks simply delicious…put the kettle on, I’ll be over to eat it with you 🙂
    I do hope Rin feels better, really soon.

  4. ooh this looks good Pip, I am on a quest to find or bake the perfect carrot cake (with cream cheese frosting).

  5. This cake looks seriously delicious! Gosh, poor Rin sounds like she has had an awful dose of tonsillitis. Hope she can get home soon x

  6. Pip, I make so much food I know nobody else will like but secretly I hope that this time will be the one, the one where they change their mind!
    And here’s hoping to a speedy recovery for Rin & peaceful times for all of you x

  7. The cake looks wonderful Pip and you are right, home baking carries with it all sorts of healing. I do hope Rin gets sorted out soon and that your nightmares come to an end. I hate those, they always feel so real in the first dawn of waking. Take care lovely xx

  8. The cakes you make for yourself ARE the best ones,Pip.You can make it last for awhile or eat it all at once, after all, it is your cake.

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