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Aw hai!

How are you? Are you well? I am good. I’ve been better but I am PUSHING through this weirdness. Do you feel like there’s some weirdness about? I’m seeing a lot of it on Facebook. Maybe Facebook is ruining our lives? Maybe it’s nearly time to chuck it in? I’m going to ponder that!

What isn’t weird is my students! Yes! They are clever and creative and completely UNWEIRD and they are the whole motivation behind this post today.  My May students have finished Blog With Pip and are merrily blogging along together. Some of them were new to blogging and others were wanting to update their blogs. Some had always wanted to try blogging and others were at the end of their tether and needed a bit of support. Others still were going along nicely but wanted to concentrate on tweaking bits and bobs, or writing better, or just seeing what I thought about the whole thing.

I thought it would be really good to give you an opportunity to meet some of those bloggy kids! So today many of them are going to write a little post about who they are and the things they love! Maybe you can find some new favourite blogs today! I hope so!

Meet my students! (They will be adding their links below over the next few days!)

If you’d like to enrol in Blog With Pip there’s a July intake coming up. More info here.

ALSO: I accidentally bought the PINK version of this tea set… because I am a bit obsessed with cute things and I am also obsessed with the ultra-trashy-yet-fab Ladies Of London. I’m excited to have really big, huge teacups to scoff tea from. And cute little heart-y plates to eat my jam toast off of. Winning!

How are you? What are you up to? Are you tea-and-toasting? Are people being weird in your life? Are you glad to see the end of JUNE?!

x Pip

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