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A Bit About Making Ace Videos


Perhaps you want to mix things up and create some interesting multi-media content for your blog? Videos are a fun, not-too-tricky way to do that. Not only do they capture things that it can be hard to express in words, they provide a great visual anchor for your post and are a super-shareable content option too!

There are all kinds of ways to record video for your blog – apps like Super8 mean you can create cute videos with your phone or iPad and upload them to Vimeo or YouTube to share with your readers.

You can also shoot mini-clips with your DSLR or phone and then load them into a program like iMovie or Movie Maker, all ready to piece together and add music and other bits and bobs for interest.

Instagram has its own video capability, although it’s not as useful because it’s not embeddable or downloadable. But it can be a fab way to share bite sized slice-of-life vision with your followers. If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated or involved than a one minute video, you’re going to want to dig a bit deeper than the ubiquitous Instagram, though.

If you’re not even sure to begin, I think it’s good to begin by watching lots of videos! You could head to Vimeo’s staff picks to see how things are put together. I also love this video! Take notes on how it all flows and the structure of your favourites. Think about the story you want to tell, opening titles, music, still shots, inside vision, outside vision, surprising snippets and cute vignettes.

Map out a basic structure of elements you want to include and then grab your camera and get started! Let’s go!

Perhaps you are not going, though? Perhaps you are feeling a bit out of your depth in the video stakes? That’s OK! There’s a bunch of online courses you could investigate to help improve your skills and give you some insider tips:

  • Hailey Bartholomew of You Can’t Be Serious has a rad course here.
  • Xanthe Berkeley teaches how to make Time Capsule films.
  • Vimeo has a great Video 101 series you can play along with.
  • There are classes on Skillshare that you might like to have a stab at too.

Like most creative endeavours, the key is to just GET STARTED! So get going my friend. Start today!

Here’s a plan…

1. Research – start watching lots of videos and making notes about their structure and strengths
2. Plan – decide on your story and map out the visual elements you want to include
3. Shoot/take photos – gather your content; more is more because you can always edit it down to a short and sweet film
4. Edit – iMovie is great if you are a Mac user (otherwise Movie Maker is meant to be a good alternative or even Adobe Premiere Elements)
5. Add music – search for Creative Commons music you can use in your film (some video editing programs have music included.)
6. Publish – via Vimeo or YouTube
7. Promote – share on your blog and social media
8. Celebrate! You did it!

Are you keen to make your own videos? Or are you already doing that? Add your link below if you’ve published a video to your blog recently!

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    September 9, 2014 at 9:44 AM

    I’ve got 5 sewing instructional videos I made that were linked to my old blog. They’re still on YouTube but I’m reluctant to link them to the new blog as they’re just so bad! Fuzzy imaging, no voice overs (I thought I’d spare the viewers from having to listen to my monotone voice, but it seems they prefer voice overs) and generally pretty basic.
    Have you got any tips for getting better video quality Pip?

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