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A Basic Guide To Nice Online Manners

August 1, 2015

Online manners are pretty similar to offline manners, really. Keep it nice, respectful, professional (even if you disagree with someone). That said, there are a few things you can do to have extra nice manners. Let’s talk about those:

1. If you find a thing via someone and share that thing – TAG the person who gave you the original tip. It’s just the way things work and it’s so nice to give props to those who inspire you (even if that inspiration was them posting a particular article on their Facebook page or Twitter)

2. If you want to share someone’s Instagram image – use the app REPOST so that they are fully credited. Don’t just copy the image and post it. REPOST all the way, okay?

3. If you disagree with someone on social media – never, ever resort to emotional  or personal outburts/attacks. Always keep your tone calm, non-defensive, non-judgemental and professional. And calm. Also calm.

4. If you use someone else’s image on social media – be sure to CREDIT THEM and link to them. This is more than manners, this is the appropriate thing to do legally too. Attribution is super important. (NB: Some people may not want their stuff shared on social media and may ask you to remove it – if that happens do so swiftly and politely.)

5. Do not post cryptic updates to social media. You know the kind? The ones that are passive aggressively attacking someone else’s behaviour? Don’t do that. It’s much better to rise about whatever the squabble /issue is and talk to your dear friends about it in person to garner some support.

6. Spend a good portion of your time on social media interacting with other nice people and sharing their work. No one likes that person that’s always talking about themselves, so be mindful of that and give others a chance to talk about themselves too.

7. Reply. If people are taking the time to comment on your social media posts, make some time to reply to those comments as often as you can. Otherwise it’s a bit of a one-way street. Get in there and form some rewarding relationships with the followers that are taking the time to respond to your work.

8. Keep it nice, expletive wise. Your page can be reported if a follower finds it ‘abusive’ so watch your p’s and q’s in relation to sweary posts. Some people love posting these kind of  rude, raw updates, but know that it MIGHT see you reported by less sweary types.

9. If you quote someone else, give that person credit. Don’t lift words from elsewhere without full attribution. Again, this is a legal obligation, not an etiquette-based one.

10. If you post something that was inspired by someone else – credit that person. Don’t just go around taking inspiration from your fellow bloggers, replicating or responding to their work as though it was an idea YOU plucked out of nowhere. Be honest and give credit to those that got you thinking/making.

11. If you read something on social media that you love – share it or respond to it! Give that blogger/publisher some love. Then they know that they’re doing a great job and are even encouraged to do better!

Is there anything YOU would like to add to this list?


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