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The Food We Read …

November 24, 2021

Is one of your favourite things about reading fiction to do with the food described in books? If so, then you are A LOT like me. I’ve written a little bit about this on Hungry Hungry Pippo, in case you’d like to take a look and share your favourite fictional food … Pop over here if that sounds like your cup of tea! x pip PS: There’s lots more snacky stuff at Hungry Hungry Pippo.…

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Eat Pip-Life

A new project from me: Hungry Hungry Pippo!

October 21, 2021

Hello dear pals, How are you going? I am going … okay. Pushing on with all the different things I need to achieve and organise so we can MOVE BACK TO VICTORIA. Sigh. I know. It’s an unexpected turn of events, one out of my control. But I’m hoping to make the best of it and turn this surprising plot twist into something totally a-okay. Because it costs a bloody fortune to move, I have started a new fun thing…

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Taking Stock: September 2021

September 17, 2021

How about a little check in and check up? I think it’s a very good idea … Taking Stock Making: A cardigan. This one, in fact. I am loving knitting it up, even though I’m not an expert knitter. I’m also making a scrappy blanket in crochet with all the random bits and bobs I have in my yarn stash. Getting a bunch of mauve roses from the supermarket for $4! Cooking: Lunch salads. It’s my new thing because I…

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eCourse Enrolments are OPEN! Let me teach you things!

September 9, 2021
pretty flowers by pip

I’m running two more eCourses this year. Perhaps you’d like to join in on one? Writey-oh! 2.0 An all new two week writing eCourse to get you observing and writing more regularly. It includes: This course features lots of fun and useful writing exercises that’ll have you getting down the bones of your story in new ways. We’ll look at snippets of the work of other writers, tackle some poetry and carve out time to write a creative journal (almost)…

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Etsy Imaginary Wardrobe Wear

Ten tip-top totes for tip-top folks

August 30, 2021
A selection of eight different tote bags

How about we do a little round-up of cute bags to stuff your stuff into? Seems like a good idea, amiright?! Ten tip-top totes for tip-top folk! 1/ So fresh! So picnicky! From the legends at Ceres Life. 2/ Aren’t these botanical totes cute? They’re by Dream Lake Studio. 3/ This is me to a tee. All the baggage. 4/ So many good things! Via Nook and Burrow. 5/ This is on sale, but still pricey, but also very cheerful.…

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