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Taking Stock: December

December 18, 2021

Oh my goodness we moved again. We somehow managed to move from Tasmania back to Melbourne in a jumble of logistics and false starts and sleepless nights. Now we are back. Back in a whole different world where COVID is all around and most things are a short drive away. It’s been an adjustment! We arrived on Tuesday and have been getting used to the busyness of a city and suburban life, swarming carparks, flat terrain and fewer trees and…

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100 blogs I love to read (and you might love too!)

December 4, 2021

While so many abandoned blogging for the simplicity of social media, a heap of people are still committed to this self-defined, flexible and algorithm-free form of journalling. In fact, it looks to me like there’s a resurgence of blogging as people seek out alternatives to being at the mercy of the social media bully boys. And why wouldn’t they? Social media is super convenient and lots of fun, but it’s also governed by a gang of democracy-crushing, money-hoarding, self-obsessed narcissists.…

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The Food We Read …

November 24, 2021

Is one of your favourite things about reading fiction to do with the food described in books? If so, then you are A LOT like me. I’ve written a little bit about this on Hungry Hungry Pippo, in case you’d like to take a look and share your favourite fictional food … Pop over here if that sounds like your cup of tea! x pip PS: There’s lots more snacky stuff at Hungry Hungry Pippo.…

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Eat Pip-Life

A new project from me: Hungry Hungry Pippo!

October 21, 2021

Hello dear pals, How are you going? I am going … okay. Pushing on with all the different things I need to achieve and organise so we can MOVE BACK TO VICTORIA. Sigh. I know. It’s an unexpected turn of events, one out of my control. But I’m hoping to make the best of it and turn this surprising plot twist into something totally a-okay. Because it costs a bloody fortune to move, I have started a new fun thing…

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Nice Life Reminders Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: September 2021

September 17, 2021

How about a little check in and check up? I think it’s a very good idea … Taking Stock Making: A cardigan. This one, in fact. I am loving knitting it up, even though I’m not an expert knitter. I’m also making a scrappy blanket in crochet with all the random bits and bobs I have in my yarn stash. Getting a bunch of mauve roses from the supermarket for $4! Cooking: Lunch salads. It’s my new thing because I…

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