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7 Ace Things Inspired By California’s Amazing Poppy Super Bloom

May 4, 2017
Carrizo Plain by Kyle Magnuson

Image by Kyle Magnuson on Flickr under Creative Commons 

You can see the California SUPER poppy bloom from GOSH-DARNED SPACE, but sadly you can’t see it from Australia. Oh bugger. Still there is nothing to stop us celebrating the bloom fest from afar…

Apparently this year’s amazing fancy floral freaking fiesta was due to a hefty dose of rain, after many preceding years of drought, and a super chilly Winter (which locked lots of moisture into the ground.)

Basically the poppies had puh-lenty to drink and celebrated wildly with a super bloom. Seems legit.

The rain helpfully washed off the seeds’ protective coating and then they germinated, made themselves well and truly at home, and eventually showed their colourful and  lovely blooming selves.

The Californian poppies keep a pretty sensible daily schedule, opening up when the sun hits their little golden petals and closing again when night falls.


(view the above video here if it’s not showing on your screen!)

There are heaps of other wildflowers – literally 100s of different types – blooming among the poppies too. I also read that some nincompoops are trampling the flowers, in their quest to get up close and personal. Ugh. Humans. Sigh.

If you aren’t able to see the flowers in real life – or from space – maybe you can snaffle a little bit of bloom to have at home? It seems like a good idea to me.


DayThreeCreations Poppy PrintAnna Varendorff necklacekester black nail polish saltedteeth Poppies Tote stuartroadvintage poppy traySondeflor Shop Yellow DressAdidas Gazelles


From top:
California Poppy Print Set by Day Three Creations
Anna Varendorff U Necklace at Kuwaii
Acid and Paradise Punch Nail Polish by Kester Black
California Poppies Tote by Salted Teeth
California State Tray by Stuart Road Vintage
Yellow Smock Dress by Sondeflor Shop
Yellow Gazelles by Adidas

Have a blooming ace day!

x Pip




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