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:: 52 Lists


The lists so far: Updated September 11

01 : Suburbs I Have Lived In
02 : Jobs I Have Had
03 : Favourite Childhood TV Shows (Guest List by Evie)
04 : Favourite Smells
05 : The Best Snacks
06 : Things I Do Every Day
07 : Some Of My (Favourite) Flowers (Guest List by Gemma) ++
Bonus mini list : Messy Things I Like
Bonus mini list : Nice Sauces and Condiments
08: Great Things I’ve Read Lately
09: Favourite Words (Guest List by Tess)
10: Good Things To Have For Breakfast
11: Things To Make Me Feel Cosy
12: Games I Like
13: Good Things To Bake
14: Fave Style Icons
15. Things I Find Relaxing
16. Things That Warm My Heart
17. Good Biscuits
18. Things I Loved As A Child
19. Things I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up
20. Places I Want To Go
21. Beside My Bed
Bonus Mini List: Fave Things Of The Week

22. Good Things About My Town
23. Things I’d Like In My Fridge
24. A Few Favourite Cookbooks
25. Childhood Dinners
26. Some Pets I Have Had
27. Things I Can See Right Now
28. Great Gigs (Concerts!)
29. Favourite 80s Bands
30. Favourite Kids’ Books
31. Blogs/Sites I Visited and Loved Today
32. A Few Apps I Love
33. Good Places To Walk
34. Nice Drinks
35. My Best Qualities 

I know. We are already into the second week of January… but I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and it took until last night to decide on the final idea…

I’ve wanted to do a 52 project since I realised that I was rubbish at the whole 365 project thing. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I didn’t want it to be a purely photographic project. It’s not my kind of thing to profile my kids for 52 weeks. And I don’t want to prattle on about ME for 52 weeks either. All those things don’t fit with my blogging style. (I’m not saying they are not cool… I’m just saying that – there are so many great photographic projects out there already, my kids will punch my face if I take 52 photos of them and I’m not the kind of blogger who talks about herself a huge amount…!)

That said, I’m going to talk about myself.

As a child, my brother and I squabbled over various editions of ‘The Book of Lists at the breakfast table.  We were totally freaking obsessed with that book.  We used to read the lists out loud as we ate our jaffles.  Or sometimes we would read them silently and snigger or wince as we did.  I remember feeling like I knew A LOT OF STUFF because I read The Book Of Lists. (Sadly it didn’t help me win Trivial Pursuit, because The Book Of Lists lists were often quite wacky or off-beat, but I still felt that I was becoming more scholarly by the day.)

In honour of this recently resurfaced memory, I’m going to post a list every week in 2013.  I’m not sure which day I will post on… but I will do it weekly without fail.  There will be lists of all kinds of things. And sometimes there will be a list from someone else. A guest list.

I’m starting tomorrow. If you want to join in you totally can. Or you can just read my lists.  If you’re making lists too, drop me a comment, link back to this post so I can see yours or add your link in the ‘linky’ tool below (if you can see/use it!)

The lists can be about anything. And they can be text lists or image lists or handwritten lists…  No rules, really!  And you can post anywhere you like (Instagram, FB, blog, Twitter etc.)  Or you can just read my lists and not bother with all that.

(If you would like to use a hashtag, use #52lists).

See you tomorrow!  (Are you into lists?)

x Pip


PS: Did you know that author Irving Wallace is the father of David Wallichinsky as WELL as Amy Wallace. I did not know that!



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    February 4, 2015 at 11:29 AM

    Hi Pip, long time reader of your blog. I know I’m about a year late but I have revived my blog and have decided to do your 52 lists idea each week. Thanks for the idea.

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