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Gosh. We’re all sleep deprived here in Melbourne. We’re enduring the longest heatwave in Victoria’s history and it’s not much fun. Luckily there have not been days over 40 degrees, but it’s still scorchy and gross.

Today I got up early to beat the heat. I made a big batch of Ikan Bilis (the wet kind you can have on toast, if you are into salty, fishy snacks!) And I drank coffee and worked.  And I made this list.

Then I had a meeting with my publisher. That was the very best kind of meeting you can imagine. Gah. Luckily I am on the right track with my book and I got to talk about the things that mattered to me.  My publisher listened and really LOVED what I had done and what I was saying. Totally great. I’m feeling super excited about my new book and I feel so glad that she shares my excitement!

After that I headed into the city and talked on the phone with my friend as I walked. I looked at some books and bought Cam a birthday present and then came home and carried on with my usual JustB work day.


But back to the list.

I love breakfast. I am a real morning person and I’m all about morning snacks. I’m a savoury girl, but I do like the odd pancake, crepe or pastry. Yum. That said, savoury is boss for me, as you can see from le list.

How about YOU?  Are you playing #52lists? Do you like breakfast? Are you savoury or sweet? Or both? Tell me more!

xx Pip



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