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52 Hellos Week 38 + Stuff I’ve Been Loving + Cake

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It’s been QUITE a while since I posted for 52Hellos – mostly because I packed the box of letters up and could not find it when I unpacked. A bit of persistent unpacking turned them up this week, which is a good thing because I had forgotten how nice it was to read a handwritten note from someone I don’t know!

This week’s letters are from Lisa and Amanda. Thanks for writing to us!!!

I loved Lisa’s penpal story A LOT, but I SUPER loved her story about her grandma writing letters to her cereal pack postbox!

Amanda sent some ace photos – part of her ‘found’ and ‘uncontrived’ 52 project. Do you know how much I love seeing an unsettled photo? SO MUCH. Don’t get me wrong, I love to style a shot as much as the next person, but I think that we see a LOT of generic/styled stuff online now. It’s nice to see some natural beauty. Thanks Amanda for reminding us of that!

A 52 (or 365) project is a really good way to stay on track creatively (even if you go a bit off the rails from time to time, like I have!) I wrote about this very thing in Craft For The Soul, in fact. Sometimes the detritus of life has us forgetting to factor in creative rituals. A regular weekly (52) or daily (365) project can help to prioritize important creative work. Yep.

(There’s an extra yellow-triangle emblazoned letter from Kelly too, but it’s not really part of 52 Hellos. I wanted to include a little mention of it here because it meant a lot to me. Thank you Kelly. Just what I needed to hear at this moment. Thanks thanks thanks.)

You know, I’m so enjoying the kitchen at our new place! I’m loving cooking again (admittedly I wasn’t loving it at our old place because the make-shift, crappy kitchen had just worn me down!) One of our favourite books to cook from is Adam Liaw’s book. We made these delicious chicken wings last night and they were the best I have EVER had. And I’m not even a chicken wing FAN, so that is really saying something. Make some of them, if you get the chance! They are rich and delicious and moreish!

Other things I am loving:

+ The Walking Dead – I just finished Season 5 and am busting for the new season which premieres soon. I KNOW! It’s so gory. I can’t even explain it… I just love the relationships and the loyalty and the toughness of it all!

+ Madura tea – I have been trying to be more careful about drinking lots of caffeine-type drinks. I cut out the caffeine for a week and then I read that this Madura tea is quite low in caffeine. I’m opting for that (for now!) instead of my usual EXTRA STRENGTH tea bags! I really like it!

+ The new New Order album (thanks to 3RRR and DoubleJ!)
(NB: To see/listen you need to be reading on my blog – these clips don’t always show up on email/via RSS)

+ Jess Ribeiro’s new album (again, tipped off by 3RRR)

+ The new John Grant + Tracy Thorn track

+ Banana Cake (from the PWMU cookbook!)

+ Making a Bavarian Crochet blanket for my Nan. I have miscounted the stitches a bit so it’s not QUITE as square as I’d like, but that adds to the charm I am SURE! Here’s where I learnt how to make it.

I hope you are well, peaches. I am having SUCH a good day! Hope you are too!

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    Deb Baker
    September 29, 2015 at 12:09 AM

    You know I can really relate to the shitty kitchen situation. I’ve lived in our current house for the past 12 years and it has done exactly what you said. It has worn me down to the point where I just don’t even like cooking any more. What I would give for a proper kitchen with proper hotplates and oven. Ahh well. Like my hubster tells me – there are people a lot worse off in the world, and at least we have running water. And a big yes to The Walking Dead. I’m so glad you’re watching it and enjoying it. I’ve watched it from the very first moment it was available and it is one of my all time favourite shows. It is so much more than gore. The relationships, the changes in people, the ‘what would you do in that situation’. There is so much to love. We are literally counting down the days. Can’t wait to start planning our zombie apocalypse strategies again. xx

  • Reply
    Reannon @shewhorambles
    September 28, 2015 at 9:42 AM

    I love Adam Liaw & really want to grab his newest cookbook. I seen him at the GF&W show this year & learnt all about Unami. So great!

  • Reply
    Bristol Sunset
    September 27, 2015 at 11:27 PM

    Hi Pip. Good morning from New England in the US.

    I want to confirm that Craft for the Soul is finally listed for pre-order on Amazon.com!

    I had been checking for a while…with no luck. Your post this morning reminded me to check again. If you already knew this and wrote about in a post, I obviously missed it.

    In any case, I’m psyched. Very good news.

  • Reply
    Soula K
    September 27, 2015 at 3:47 PM

    Another good thing about Madura tea is that it is picked in Australia or Papua New Guinea(something i read recently)

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