52 Hellos

52 Hellos: Week 30 + 31

Here’s this week’s bumper instalment of 52 Hellos. Three letters from three ladies.

One is from NSW. One from Tasmania and the other from Victoria. Here’s what came in the post…

angela letter angela paper angela recipe angela stamp
Thank you Angela!

Angela sent me an (apparently) really great recipe for Pea + Ham Soup which is just what I need because the times I have made Pea + Ham Soup it’s been like a kind of gluey, gluggy, swamp. I am going to try this one instead. Angela posted it on Instagram a while ago and it looked really fresh and delicious. Not swampy in any way. Thanks Ang!

How good is the cat stamp? Also – the recipe is from a book called ‘Whole Food Slow Cooked’ by Olivia Andrews. I won’t share the whole thing because Olivia might punch me in the arm in a ‘Hey! Copyright!’ way.

Also… Anxiety. Gah. Yes. I have been battling it quite a LOT lately, so I totally get where Ange is coming from. It’s overwhelming and frustrating, but I am finding that just knowing that it’s a bit of an ‘episode’ and that it will pass helps. Do other people do that too? Modern life, eh? It’s not always peachy… It’s really good to talk about it. Or have a little lie down/cry. Or a big walk. Panic-ers unite!


kyla envelope kyla letter
Thank you Kyla!

Kyla wrote a letter about her life and also a bit about my life too! I won’t share the full letter (due to space constraints),  but I can tell you that the paper is lovely, the sentiment is really gorgeous and the ‘Hello’ is hand painted and pretty. Even the envelope is nicely petal-ed up.

I can also tell you that Kyla is extolling the virtues of going for walks, noticing little things and taking time for creative stuff. Thanks Kyla!


sharon envelope sharon b

Thank you Shaz!

Sharon is a student of Blog With Pip and I’ve had such an ace time working with her. Shaz wrote about walking too – and about the importance of cheeriness and craftiness. A girl after my own heart, I think.  It’s nice getting to know people via the things you both love to do, I think. It provides an instant kind of bond.

Thank you Shaz!


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Maybe you would like to send a letter too? Here’s a little more about 52hellos (how to join in!)

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    August 14, 2015 at 12:59 PM

    I love reading your “52 Hellos” posts.
    It always cheers me up to see how much effort everyone goes to when they write to you.
    It’s pretty damn cool!

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