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52 Hellos: Week 20 & 21

I had a really busy week last week, so I skipped posting for #52hellos – it’s okay though, because I am catching up this week. Here goes. Let’s do that!

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Last week’s letter (sorry it’s belated!) is from Zoe.  I love Zoe’s chat about her grandparents and it got me wondering if we produce too much ‘disposable’ communication and not enough considered, permanent writings. I think it might be true.

I also loved Zoe’s list. River Cottage Booster Bars sound interesting – I wonder if they are THESE ones? Chicken Pox = no fun. Chocolate Chip and Lemon Friands sound a bit amazing! I wonder if those are chocolate chip MIXED with lemon – or two separate cakes? Either would be totally fine with me.

Thanks so much for writing Zoe. And thanks for the little treat!


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And THIS week’s letter is from Sarah. I actually met Sarah at one of my book events recently and she’s such a great person! It was a total pleasure to chat and pompom with her.

In Sarah’s version of #52hellos she wrote about moving to Australia and how much she loves Melbourne. And she wrote about ‘Art Of The Personal Essay’ by Philip Lopate which I had not heard of, but am going to find out more about (and also about Bhutan’s Gross Domestic Happiness Index!)

Sarah is a blogger, so it makes sense that she loves collecting words and images (of the non digital variety) too. I am JUST the same. Thanks for writing Sarah.


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    May 31, 2015 at 1:50 AM

    Hey Pip! Appreciate the 52 Hellos post and the excellent letters from Sarah and Zoe. Booster Bars definitely sound interesting and delicious. A copy of your book arrived in Shanghai and into my waiting hands yesterday, courtesy of my Mum, courtesy of Readings St Kilda…loving it so far. Found myself writing out life goals and all sorts of stuff this afternoon, and contemplating (contemplating) waking up an hour earlier and going for a walk (though I do miss St Kilda beach for walks, walking around the dusty, horn-honking, dog-poo ridden streets near our place in Nanjing is not quite so nice…but still, no excuses!) . Definitely got the ideas flowing in positive ways So thanks! x

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