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:: 5 Tips For A Nicer Blog Layout


Does your blog need a layout shake-up? Here’s five ways to have nicer looking web digs!

1. Plenty of white space
You’ve seen them, those cluttered blogs that seem to fill every spare pixel with more and more stuff! Let’s not do this, BlogYay-ers. It’s important to build space and relief into your blog layout and lots of white space is the way. Make sure the padding between your blog’s main post area, sidebar, header and footer is generous. Also allow space between sidebar elements if possible, so that they aren’t all lined up on top of each other.

2. Size correctly
Consult your theme or theme’s designer to find out the actual width (in pixels) of your sidebar, main post area and header. Size your buttons, images and any text to fit neatly within those dimensions. It’s always a good idea to have your images spanning the full width of your main post area, so resize them accordingly to fit.

3. Fit on the screen
I still see blogs with sidebars that don’t quite fit on screen. It’s important that your readers don’t have to scroll across the page to see your full blog layout. If your sidebar is straddling onscreen and off, you need to look at making more room for it (i.e. fiddling with your blog width, post width etc) for a more streamlined look.

4. Cute header
A cute and punchy header is like having a nice front fence or pretty front door. It draws the reader in and provides that first impression for your blog. Make sure it’s a goodie! (There are heaps of great designers on Etsy who can help if you want a header redesign!)

5. Less is more
You really don’t need a whole lot on your blog’s home page. Don’t try to cram it all in – that’s what menus and navigation bars are for. Keep it simple and have only the bare essentials on page one.


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