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:: 5 Things I Like & A Bit About My Birthday Too


:: bunny plate DIY ::
:: Kenzo dress ::
:: good eggs ::
:: a gorgeous quilt ::
:: couture swatch book ::

How are you? Are you well?

I am well. I have been so busy, which I do not like, but I’m hanging in there. I read this the other day and it really helped with the overwhelming busy-ness. Maybe it will help you too!

You might know it was my birthday the other day. I had the best birthday in SUCH a long time. It was quiet and fun and full of nice messages. I just hung out with my little family and took it easy doing nice things. It was pretty perfect, to tell you the truth. I feel so lucky to have the people in my life that I do. I feel so lucky to have the life that I have. It’s not always easy, but the happy moments are SO great, they keep me fortified for the rest of the bits.

I want to show you a few things… but I haven’t had time to photograph them with MY NEW CAMERA. (OMG!) And I haven’t had time to learn to use MY NEW CAMERA. So I am going to meditate on that a bit and get back to you when I’ve found my way around it.

My friends and family saved up and bought me an Olympus OMD. It’s my dream camera. I cry a little bit when I think about how generous they were. I also feel like it’s a bit too nice for me. Is that weird? Do you ever feel like that? I’m really feeling a bit like it’s SUPER extravagant… and extravagances are not my usual thing!  FIRST. WORLD. PROBLEM.  I know. Sigh.  But do you know what I mean?!

See you soon with some cute things I have picked up and some more about what I’ve been doing.

Write soon.

xx Pip

PS: Thanks so much for the birthday messages on FB and Instagram and Twitter and here. I felt very LOVED. omg!


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