Remember when you returned to school after the holidays and your teacher would tell you to sit down, shoosh up and write about what you just did? Well this is sort of like that, but the opposite, so not like that at all. I’m not on holiday. This is not school. And I’ve not yet done any of these things… But I am fully intending to! (Image via)

So, as you can see from the list, this weekend I am going to take it easy (because Herman is being a dick) and be slothlike in my life approach.

I’m planning to:

Watch The People vs OJ Simpson (because Leigh and Annabel recommended it.)
Go to Aldi because apparently I need all these things now.
Pat my lonely dog. Throw a tennis ball for my lonely dog. Hug my lonely dog. (He’s still adjusting to our other dog’s death, poor pumpkin.)
Watch Flesh and Bone (on Stan) – it’s GOOD and worrying. I am glued to screen.
Pine for the new season of UnReal (I love that show!)
Watch the first episode of Outlander Season 3. I’ve been saving it for the weekend.
Crochet my chevron blanket (I’m really dragging my heels on it! Gah!)
Cook some things. Not sure what yet, but I saw someone making lasagna on telly last night and now it’s replaying over and over in my head. (It’s episode 7 of Matt Okine’s show.)
Have lunch with the kiddos.
Go to Brunetti.
Go to Readings.
Some more writing on my new eCourse – join us! It’s only $30!
Drink coffee.
Eat snacks.
Sip tea.
Scroll through Teenage Bedrooms On Screen.
Sort out stuff for hard rubbish collection next week. #Boring
Maybe buy some bagels? I like them touted and topped with gypsy ham, avocado, tomato and a slice of Swiss cheese.
Lie down a lot.

What are you doing on the weekend?

x Pip


    • Genevieve

    • 3 years ago

    Dear Pip – I just wanted to send a comment and let you know that I have been thinking of you. It’s been a bit of a rubbish year for you and I wanted to send a big virtual hug your way. Hope that the sparkles are returning to your days xx

    • Reannon

    • 3 years ago

    Sorry to hear Herman is being a pain. I hope it settles down soon.
    I am planting out some plants & cleaning out my chook house but now I want to go to Aldi! I was there yesterday ( lettuce, spinach, onion rings, honey roasted cashews) & ive always said I’m not a fan but maybe I should try more things? I’m also going to crochet more of my granny square blanket, finish reading my book ( Bad Behaviour) & try to watch How to Make an American Quilt before it’s due back at the library. I also have a VERY long list of Spring Cleaning/ de-cluttering to get through. I’m not as enthusiastic about that.
    Take care Pip x

  1. No way, was literally just slathering a Glick’s bagel with cream cheese when I read your post. Bagels for the win! And how unreal is UnReal? 😉 I’m having a birthday picnic tomorrow, but I fear that the not-so-great Melbourne weather will force me to have a picnic-at-home-with-friends instead, which should be OK. I’m also singing with my choir on Sunday, and getting ready to go to Vanuatu on Monday…for work! #feelinglucky I’m sorry to hear about Herman being a dick, and your dog being sad, but at least you can do all those lovely relaxing/fun activities…every cloud? Happy writing/watching/crocheting/bagel buying, Pip xx

  2. Haha! I heard Annabel and Leigh talking about OJ Simpson too and now I want to watch it as well! I’m going to watch the second Ep of Get Krackin’ with the Kates. Maybe I’ll go see a movie. Will try and finish my weaving and reading The Choke by Sofie Laguna. She writes so heartbreakingly.

    • Nicola

    • 3 years ago

    Bagels, snacks and tea all sound great! I’m hoping to do some sewing this weekend — inspired by the recent Summer of Basics challenge on Instagram. The idea is to make three things for your summer wardrobe, so I reckon if I get started now I might actually have something wearable by the time it heats up again. That’s the hope anyway…

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