How To Send A 3D Mini-Me Home For Christmas

December 5, 2016
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I can’t tell you how excited I was to head into Officeworks to get myself 3D printed a little while ago. Did you see my post on Instagram about it, back then?

You know, it’s pretty amazing to think that not only can they pop you in a multi-camera-ed booth and take a complete 3D scan of you, they can also print you out in different sizes too! Get out of here! (It’s totally true).

I asked the Officeworks 3D technician if she could print me a few inches taller and much slimmer, but we settled on printing me 10cm tall instead! The whole process literally took a few speedy minutes and then they sent my scan off to be printed and returned to me in all its mini-Pip glory.

Can you imagine opening a box and finding a mini you inside? You don’t have to imagine this, people. You can actually make it happen. Gasp. It happened to me.

So what to do with my tiny, non-evil clone? Well… I know my Mum – who lives interstate – must miss me SO MUCH. And sometimes I am really busy at work and can’t get to the phone. She rings and rings and I always seem to miss it or be in a meeting or hanging socks on the line. This is why I’m going to send mini-Pip to her for Christmas. Not only will mini-Pip be poised for a chat whenever Mum wants, she’s probably a much better conversationalist, truth be told.

I’m not saying I’m completely boring, per se, but I wasn’t conjured up magically from a few zillion pixels like mini-Pip was. Nor did I take just days to create. Still, mini-Pip cannot tell the kind of hilarious jokes that help me get by. Nor can she spread the exact right amount of peanut butter on hot toast. As far as I can tell she is not able to raise one eyebrow in the bewitching way I can. So there are still reasons to feel useful and you should know that by 3D printing yourself, you’re not creating a much-improved clone.

Instead you’re summoning up a much smaller almost-true-to-life snapshot of yourself to remind your nearest and dearest that you are not very far away, and you were happy to have yourself photographed from every fab angle so you could wing your way to their mantelpiece/desk top/kitchen ledge this Christmas. And also that you will endeavour to answer the phone like a normal person, much more often! Possibly.

If you’re a local, you can head to the Officeworks 3D Experience Centre on Russell Street in Melbourne’s CBD. Or you can visit the website to find out more about 3D printing yourself (because of course you want to send your tiny non-evil clone to your nearest and dearest!)
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PS: I took my Mini Me on a few adventures before I packed her on her way to Mum’s.

PPS: It’s not a voodoo doll, FYI, Mum.

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