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Taking Stock: My More-Creative-Times-For-YOU eCourse Starts Soon

You might already be a fan of Taking Stock, the self-check-in/creative catch-up I started here a few years ago?

Well, did you know that I created a Taking Stock eCourse, too?!

I did and it’s really encouraging, interesting and useful – just perfect for getting in touch with the creative,  encouraging, interesting and useful bits of you.

The course is open for enrolments and if you sign up this weekend you can get $20 off the usual price. (Just use the code ‘nicetimes’ at the checkout!)

There are just a few places in the class, so that we can all chat closely and get to know each other and encourage each other optimally.

The aim of this course is to forge better creative habits and set you back on the path to doing the good stuff you most want to do (whilst ALSO realistically and positively managing the trickier bits with a deft hand and a compassionate, clever approach.)

Here’s an idea of what it’s all about.

It self-paced, runs for 21 days (with me by your side) and you have access to the course material (via a private website) for the rest of the year.

Week One : Pragmatic positivity & self care 

This week covers a whole bunch of get-to-know-you and tone-setting exercises designed to give you a hefty RESET for the coming year. We’ll go over putting yourself first, passions and curiosity, dealing with pesky issues, getting organised, looking after yourself, being your own best friend and expecting the best (and how to deal with the non-best stuff too.)

Week Two : Creative habits & project development

Creative brainstorming, planning and taking ideas from sparks of brilliance to reality. We’ll talk expectations and limitations. We’ll chat about which ideas to choose and how to begin to make them happen (and how to fit all this stuff in, too!) Choose a topic to explore and create your own project folio.

Week Three : Gang gathering & finding your niche

How to support yourself and gather choice buddies to help you get where you want to go. We’ll discuss where you fit in, in your creative/personal/professional landscape. We’ll make a plan about what and where to next!

If you are keen to create more time for yourself in your busy days, and/or launch some dream projects (tiny or bigger) in 2017.

If you want to stop feeling like you never get to DO YOU and get on with important/fun stuff… then maybe you would like to be part of this special thing!

Have an ace weekend and see you back here very soon!

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