:: 25 Ways To Make A Book By Hand…

image via The Spotted Sparrow

Feeling Bookish? Here’s 25 ways to make a book by hand! Get out your craft knife! Rally your papery bits! Let’s go!


  1. Okay. Not a papery book. But a needle book. The cutest ever via Skebba
  2. Make a cute cahier (or notebook – if you’re not frenchy fancy!)
  3. Super cute ‘lift the flap’ kinda book via Instructables
  4. A bedside journal sounds like a good idea…
  5. Make your own moleksine-type notebook
  6. A paint sampler notepad :: LOVE this one a lot – kinda like a matchbook!
  7. A vinyl or leather covered wrap-around-tie-up notebook here
  8. A teeny cute book from business cards here
  9. Really awesome bingo books via the famous Erinzam :: supreme
  10. Martha has a pretty serious tutorial here
  11. A hardcover handbound journal here
  12. For those pushed for time : the five minute notebook
  13. Skip to My Lou has a how-to-make a notepad tute here
  14. Postcard and Junk Mail notebooks here. Cool.
  15. And more notepad knowledge here – it seems you need a clamp, though
  16. How to convert a lovely old book into a blank journal here
  17. A total kit : tutorial and supplies to tackle Japanese Stab Binding
  18. These ones with fake ‘cloth tape’ are beautiful
  19. Whipup points us to this tutorial. Make Playing Card Notebooks
  20. Heart Handmade shows us how to make these mini books
  21. This book is bound with a stick!
  22. This book is bound with a chopstick!
  23. The Small Object Notepad Kit and How To :: buy it here
  24. Super in love with these Charlie Harper notepads :: how to make them
  25. Everything is cute when it’s tiny :: super-teeny-tiny-very-very-small composition books
Are you the booky kind?
x Pip


  1. Unfortunately the link to Skebba’s needlebook is now an invite only. Le sigh.
    All the pics I’ve seen are so inviting to try to make one too.

  2. Thorn of Girl…

    Great info is usually uncovered on this world wide web website….

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