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25 Things I Love (via Julia Cameron)

Perhaps you, like me,  have a copy of The Artist’s Way?

I was watching Russell Brand’s channel this morning and happened upon an interview he did with that book’s author, Julia Cameron. She was talking about her famous ‘Morning Pages’ but also mentioned another exercise in the book – 25 Things I Love. It’s like a supercharged version of the Three Good Things I love doing … and I think it’s a brilliant way to start the day. So here I go!

25 Things I Love

  1. Making blankets.
  2. The way that empty bowls and cups sometimes magically move across freshly-wiped tables in Chinese restaurants.
  3. A beautiful view.
  4. Hot, sweet tea.
  5. Snuggling with my dog.
  6. The way writing helps me be a better listener.
  7. Fuzzy new socks in winter.
  8. The smell of tomato plants.
  9. Books.
  10. Wattle.
  11. The relief of a hot bath when I’m a bit achey.
  12. Being warm under the blankets in a very cold room.
  13. My kids.
  14. The comfort of delicious food.
  15. Watching things grow.
  16. Learning.
  17. Sincerity.
  18. Seeing strangers talking and smiling.
  19. Old-fashioned, very fragrant roses.
  20. Touch-typing and tech-y gadgets.
  21. Birds, bees, creatures, trees.
  22. Having a body that does lots of stuff.
  23. Pink clouds and starry nights far from the city.
  24. Heartfelt playlists.
  25. Watching good shows.

What would your 25 things be, I wonder?

x pip


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    August 4, 2020 at 5:30 PM

    I have made almost that exact blanket on the right!! My favourite pattern.

    1. Yoga daily.
    2. Nerada loose leaf tea with milk and sugar
    3. A really good latte in a cafe
    4. Long walks in the countryside where I live
    5. Barefoot beach running
    6. My teenage son’s giggles
    7. My kids being kind to each other
    8. Spooning with my husband on freezing cold nights in bed
    9. A fresh stack of library books
    10. Op shops
    11. My ugg boots and hooded dressing gown
    12. Home made dhal
    13. My daughter’s cinnamon scrolls
    14. Having dinner made for me
    15. Ocean swimming
    16. Laughing hysterically with old friends
    17. Making new friends
    18. My dogs
    19. Watching my chooks eat noodles
    20. Looking at old photos
    21. Anything with potatoes
    22. Rearranging my bookshelves
    23. A clean house
    24. Decluttering
    25. Sleeping in

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    August 1, 2020 at 8:44 PM

    Just perfect xx

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