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25 Things I Love (via Julia Cameron)

August 1, 2020

Perhaps you, like me,  have a copy of The Artist’s Way?

I was watching Russell Brand’s channel this morning and happened upon an interview he did with that book’s author, Julia Cameron. She was talking about her famous ‘Morning Pages’ but also mentioned another exercise in the book – 25 Things I Love. It’s like a supercharged version of the Three Good Things I love doing … and I think it’s a brilliant way to start the day. So here I go!

25 Things I Love

  1. Making blankets.
  2. The way that empty bowls and cups sometimes magically move across freshly-wiped tables in Chinese restaurants.
  3. A beautiful view.
  4. Hot, sweet tea.
  5. Snuggling with my dog.
  6. The way writing helps me be a better listener.
  7. Fuzzy new socks in winter.
  8. The smell of tomato plants.
  9. Books.
  10. Wattle.
  11. The relief of a hot bath when I’m a bit achey.
  12. Being warm under the blankets in a very cold room.
  13. My kids.
  14. The comfort of delicious food.
  15. Watching things grow.
  16. Learning.
  17. Sincerity.
  18. Seeing strangers talking and smiling.
  19. Old-fashioned, very fragrant roses.
  20. Touch-typing and tech-y gadgets.
  21. Birds, bees, creatures, trees.
  22. Having a body that does lots of stuff.
  23. Pink clouds and starry nights far from the city.
  24. Heartfelt playlists.
  25. Watching good shows.

What would your 25 things be, I wonder?

x pip


  • Reply Lisa August 7, 2020 at 8:34 PM

    25 things I love…..hopefully I can get to 25
    1/ my freshly baked cinnamon scrolls
    2/ my family enjoying my cinnamon scrolls
    3/ waking to my alarm and realising that I don’t need to get up
    4/ waking up with gorgeous dog at my feet in the bed
    5/ people thanking me for doing my job- even though I get paid for it and it is a choice
    6/the prunus blossom in my front yard
    7/ the memories of beautiful holidays
    8/ a friend call me for a walk just when I’m thinking I have to do it on my own
    9/the warmth and ambience of an open fire on a cold night
    10/ seeing new growth on my indoor plants
    11/ relaxing in a bath
    12/ the Joie de vivre of my dogs running at the park and rolling in the grass
    13/smell of coffee being made by someone else
    14/hearing of a friend getting on top of things after going through a rough time
    15/ Covid numbers going down
    16/a well fought game of footy
    17/ the wind in my face riding my ebike
    18/the beautiful sweet/sour taste of a ruby grapefruit
    19/the cuteness of my great nieces/nephews
    20/warm eggs from my chooks on a cold morning
    21/ a crisp frost on the grass
    22/ mist and early morning sunbeams coming through the trees
    23/my dogs resting their heads on my lap
    24/ the sweet perfume of Daphne
    25/ the joy that passers by get from interacting with our chooks

    Phew made it?

  • Reply Isabel Robinson August 7, 2020 at 8:20 AM

    Hi Pip
    I’ve been doing an Artist’s Way online course this year on Zoom, the most fantastic book and so useful to chat with other friendly creatives about it during these odd times. And indeed, 25 Things I Love a much more positive way to start the day than reading the latest COVID figures. Here goes:

    1. Jasmine vines hanging over fences
    2. My son’s rosy cheeks and shaggy hair after he wakes up
    3. Vegemite toast anywhere, anytime
    4. Birds flying in a V-shape
    5. Aran jumpers
    6. Jam cake in a tin lined with baking paper
    7. Bilums from PNG
    8. A really good op-shop or side-of-the-road find
    9. Sending mail and parcels
    10. Receiving mail and parcels
    11. Dancing in a Zumba class
    12. The smell of Frangipani trees
    13. Beans growing in a teepee
    14. My cat crawling under the doona on a cold night and sleeping next to my body
    15. Knitting in bed
    16. Discovering a new author and reading everything they’ve written
    17. A brisk walk on a cold day
    18. Honest conversations
    19. Big ideas and small actions
    20. Submitting a piece of work that I’m proud of
    21. Your blog
    22. A puddle of petals on the ground
    23. Curry from Red Pepper on Bourke St
    24. Driving and singing loudly with my sister-in-law
    25. The Guilty Feminist podcast

  • Reply Loretta August 4, 2020 at 5:30 PM

    I have made almost that exact blanket on the right!! My favourite pattern.

    1. Yoga daily.
    2. Nerada loose leaf tea with milk and sugar
    3. A really good latte in a cafe
    4. Long walks in the countryside where I live
    5. Barefoot beach running
    6. My teenage son’s giggles
    7. My kids being kind to each other
    8. Spooning with my husband on freezing cold nights in bed
    9. A fresh stack of library books
    10. Op shops
    11. My ugg boots and hooded dressing gown
    12. Home made dhal
    13. My daughter’s cinnamon scrolls
    14. Having dinner made for me
    15. Ocean swimming
    16. Laughing hysterically with old friends
    17. Making new friends
    18. My dogs
    19. Watching my chooks eat noodles
    20. Looking at old photos
    21. Anything with potatoes
    22. Rearranging my bookshelves
    23. A clean house
    24. Decluttering
    25. Sleeping in

  • Reply Michelle August 1, 2020 at 8:44 PM

    Just perfect xx

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