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Sorry. I am up quite early....!

I'm not one for reposting lots of stuff... but this post on Design Sponge is amazing. It features the home of Anders Arhoj, a designer/illustrator from Copenhagen. I'm totally in love with this place.  It's so great to see a home that doesn't look like every other home. It's not a home full of the usual suspects in terms of trends, brands and products. Phew.  It's a home full of meaningful things, personal style, handmade pieces and modern vintage. I can't tell you how much I love that.

I was recently interviewed by a fashion magazine about personal style and decorating... and my advice was all about making your home mean something to you... and about not letting your home be a reflection of current trends and brands. THIS HOME and this man know all about that.

Go see the rest of his place.  So good.

x Pip




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